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    Is a website worth it? Should I get one?

    I hooked up my website less than a week ago, I immediately put my upcoming shows in. I received my first order this Sunday. I don't think I would have received the order if I hadn't pointed out to the guest that the website was available and that any website order would still count toward the...
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    I don't know what to do

    Distance is no excuse There is no excuse for the way that you are being treated. My director lives in Virginia but she has consultants in Washington, California, Virginia plus 4 or 5 in Japan. She makes regular calls to all of us. Emails encouragment and important information all the time...
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    Who to sign with?

    A Good Director is ESSENTIAL I have just recently re-signed with my former director. I let my counsultant-ship lapse when I moved from Japan back to the US 18 months ago but then I started itching to get going again. There was no question that I would sign back up with my former director even...
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    Smaller catalog

    I just received the mini catalogs and I have to say THEY ARE GREAT!! There is a great sampling of products that accurately represent the entire catalog. These are going to be great for bagging and putting on doors.
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    Other websites for ideas???

    PC Game Library I found this one on Yahoo Groups http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/PCGameIdeasLibrary/ It's PC Game Ideas Library
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    Need Help with Coffee Show!???

    Here's the recipes Good Company Frosty Latte 4C vanilla ice cream softened 2 C cold milk 2 C brewed Good Company Coffee, cooled completely 1 C thawed, frozen whipped topping Pantry Korintje Connamon Combine ice cream, milk and coffee in the quick stir pitcher and plunge until thoroughly...
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    Need Help with Coffee Show!???

    Here's some yummy coffee recipes that I've used in the past. Seasons Best SS2004 Good Company Frosty Latte Mocha Brownie Dessert Delightful Desserts Apple Crisp Cake (I think this one would go very nicely with the coffee theme)
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    Wedding Registry info at Bridal Shops

    $275 A Month!!!????!! I'm sure you'd get some decent leads from David's Bridal but $275 per month is out of reach for me. I'm trying to get my registry information into our local shops here. One of them told me "no" because if they let me do it then all the other PC consultants that might...
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    Burning Everyone Out??

    I'm in a similar boat here. We were overseas too and although we've been back for 18 months I only have friends in our new church and there are already 2 Pampered Chef consultants in the church. I feel like I'm starting from scratch too. By the way, where were you stationed? We were in...
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    St. Patricks Day Open House?

    Thank you for your help. I've decided to actually go door to door next weekend and talk to my neighbors. Tell them who I am and what I'm doing. I'll also try to get them to agree (casually) to come to my party. I think I'm going to do it as a "kitchen show" instead of the Open House...
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    Next three months special flyer

    Updated for March April & May Here is one that I updated for March April & May
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    St. Patricks Day Open House?

    Has anyone tried having a holiday themed Open House? I want to try a St. Patricks Day Open House but I'm afraid that people will be having their own get togethers and nobody will come. I'm having a really tough time expanding my customer base and the last 2 Open Houses that I've tried in...
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    Microwave Cake Recipe?

    Now I'm confused. I just made my first microwave cake in the rice cooker with the lid ON. It exploded at 7 1/2 minutes. I've been researching the reason why. The Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Cake recipe from Pampered Chef says in bold letters "Do not cover with lid". Those of you who have...
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    Chicken club ring?

    My favorite recipe This is my favorite main dish recipe. It's the first Pampered Chef recipe I ever tried :) along with the Banana Cream Supreme. Here's my tip though, the original recipe used a tablespoon of diced onion, the new All The Best recipe does not include diced onion. I like...
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    Need label ideas for drop-off catalogs

    Hi Everybody - I'm fairly new in my area so I don't have a lot of family and friends to call on to help with my business. I'm planning to drop off 50+ catalogs to local businesses and I need an idea for an attractive label to put on the front of my catalogs. Do you recommend mentioning the...