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Basmati in Rice Cooker

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by Jillmami, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. So in the rice cooker plus you can ONLY do microwave recipe rices? A customer wants to do basmati rice. Not possible?

    Thank you!!
  2. I don't see a problem with doing basmati......though it's not one I've done in the RCP. So I'm not positive.
  3. JMT


    you can cook any variety of rice in the cooker...we do jasmine and basmati all the time.
  4. A customer bought the rice cooker and wants to return it since the directions on it say to only use rice that have microwave directions. Hmm... how do you do basmati in the microwave? How much water/how many minutes?

    I guess I should have her at least try to make it in the micro to see what happens.
  5. nancycookspc

    nancycookspc Gold Member

    I remember a while back there being a discussion....and the out come was ONLY use rice that has microwave instructions besides regular ones. the reason being that the rice can heat up too much and cause a fire-
  6. mountainmama74

    mountainmama74 Gold Member

    I've cooked Jasmine rice in it. I don't see why basmati wouldn't work!
  7. I only cook 'grains' in my RCP. As far as I know, none of the 'grains' I buy have microwave instructions which would be no different than a non-micro rice.
  8. pjpamchef

    pjpamchef Silver Member

    I have been buying the big burlap bag of Basmati rice at Sams since the rice cooker came out!! It is wonderful!!! My girls have even been known to cook some for a snack, (loaded of course with brown sugar)!!!
  9. Would you mind sharing how you prepare it so that I can pass that along to my host?

  10. pjpamchef

    pjpamchef Silver Member

    I C rice, 2 C water; micro high 5 min, 50% for 15
    Perfect every time!!!!
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