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Tammy Stanley's "Stop Cancellations Now" observations apply to recruits


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Sep 8, 2008
I was talking with a cluster mate this week. She's got a recruit on her team who has been avoiding her for months and won't come to meetings. Now my cluster mate isn't pushy- just trying to nicely check in and see how she's doing and see if she can support her in some way.

Well, I read to her the notes from Tammy Stanley's "Stop Cancellations Now" about Hosts not wanting to fail to keep a commitment and how many times, if they aren't able to follow through on what they said they'd do, they are more likely to avoid you and ultimately cancel. She then proceeded to talk about how to avoid that through host coaching and making the process easy.

WELL....that applies to new team recruits too! I made this observation and suggestion to my teammate. I know that 6 months ago, I was in the same boat- I would avoid calls from my director, not because I was mad at HER, but because I was embarrassed at my lack of progress. For two months I avoided meetings and calls....and eventually got my act together and started moving forward. I'm finally doing shows, but it was a slow journey to get here. I thought this new recruit of my teammate's might be going through the same things.

Turns out- it is! She finally left a note for my teammate and told her that she was 'embarrassed' and that she 'was a bad employee'. My teammate is trying to let her know in return that (1)- she is NOT an employee...she works for herself and no one else! and (2) she doesn't have to be embarrassed. We've ALL been there/are there, and are here to help, not criticize.

So I wanted to share that- maybe those who were fortunate enough to take Tammy's workshop at conference, can see how the same tactics can apply to our recruits. :D


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Aug 17, 2008
Tammy Stanley was fantastic and I just realized that I need to pass this information on to my Director. She has several people that are in this same situation!

Liquid Sky

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Jun 8, 2008
I love Tammy! I bought her entire set at NC and started listening to one of the cd's today. I cannot WAIT to use some of what I learned at my show on Saturday.

I agree that this is definitely a thing our team members go through...embarrassment and a sense of "failure". Knowing this can help us communicate better with our team.


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Feb 6, 2008
I would have LOVED to buy her products, I just don't have the $$ to do so. I was really impressed with the class, and hope to be able to implement a lot of what she said with my hosts (and my recruits too, once I get some).


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Nov 4, 2005
I was on a recruiting call with one of the new Sales Managers from HO yesterday, and she used some parallels with Tammy Stanley's ideas, too. She recommended that we set 48-hour challenges for our new recruits, and to get them accustomed to doing the work (making phone calls) from the get-go. She even went so far as to say not to tell our recruits about the online training center for several weeks. I think that's a stretch, since the OTC has some good word choices and training to handle objections, etc.

But Cathy's main point was to give recruits small, manageable tasks. And to work WITH them to make their first 90 days a success, which sets them up for further success.


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Apr 10, 2007
So funny.. I just applied this to someone on my team last night. She signed in March and keeps having "emergencies" so she can't do her open house. it works!