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Searching Employment in Summer

Dec 25, 2005
I'm a young aspiring chef working my way up and gaining experience, now entering the management sectors of kitchens. I presently am Demi-Chef de Partie on Saucier at Market Restaurant, one of the hottest places on the Champs d'Elysees in Paris, FR. My last job was 1st Cook - Garde Manger at Pomze, an innovative restaurant starting up in Paris. Before that, I was Chef de Partie Poissonier at the famous Les Deux Garcons in Aix-en-Provence.
I am looking for an employment in Canada (Vancouver preferrably) to begin the start of August at. I'm searching for a creative and interesting chef with very high standards of excellence to work under at a top restaurant or hotel. I will be staying several months - possibly schooling part-time as well in restaurant management in the new year. Please contact me if you require any information or my full resume. I look forward to hearing from you and looking towards a great summer. Cheers.

Matthew Keebler

[email protected]