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Plant Recruiting Seed


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Apr 14, 2004
Say this at your show...

"Who spends at least one night a week watching television? Wouldn't you rather be out making $100 or more?"

Qualifications needed are:

1. At least 6 friends or relatives
2 $100
3. A car
4. Be able to open a can of biscuits
Sep 20, 2005
That was awesome...thanks for sharing!!! hopefully lots of people were watching so they can all call their consultants and either get started in the business or host some shows!!!


Jun 5, 2005
It sure would have been nice to have know that this was going to be on so we could have watched or taped it.


I just received this new tip on how someone else throws recruiting into their shows and thought I would share.

"At my last show, after I had done my introductions or on some dead time, I asked everyone to stand, I start by asking: If you have all the money you need right now, please sit down, I then say "If yo love your current job and feel like you are getting the recognition and praise that you deserve, and feel like you are paid exactly what you deserve, please sit down...then I say "If you get all expense paid trips, lots of free merchandise and a support system as big as you want, then please sit down! Normally alot of people are left standing and then I tell them I am personally inviting them to take a look at the Pampered Chef! Then I go into all the perks of being a consultant."

Personally I thought this was a neat idea and believe I will try it at my next show...it wont hurt to try! If anyone else tries it, let us know how it worked and good luck!!