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Large griddle

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
I just bought the large griddle that fits over two burners. If anyone has this item, do you season it first? Do you use an oil spray or any other fat before making pancakes or French toast? I know it is non-stick, but sometimes these two recipes need a little help.

Nov 23, 2005
Out of habit and fear of screwing my pancakes up *giggle* I spritz my griddle first. If you are trying to cut back on your fat intake try it without but I'm always afraid of things sticking. Cooking spray is 7 calories per spritz so I think it's worth it to avoid a mess. :)


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
I have the square griddle and that is what we use to make pancakes (wish I had the big one :D ). I never spray my pan. I always rave at my shows that I don't have to spray the pan for pancakes. They come out perfect every time and no mess.


Done both.
Personally I prefer to not have any oil (although my first time using it I did run a paper towel with oil over it).
My hubby uses oil.
I don't notice a difference, so I guess it's just up to your personal preference.
One of the "selling advantages" is you can cook your entire breakfast all at once (depending how good you are at timing things):
bacon, eggs, & hash browns
sausages & pancakes (great for making "pigs in a blanket")
steak (thin cut) & eggs
and of course it's great for French toast, grilled cheese, fried bologna or fried ham sandwiches, sausage patties...
okay, now I'm hungry!
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