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Director Items for Sale

Aug 16, 2007
I posted this on Chef Success, but thought I would post it here too.

I am majorly downsizing my business and have a lot of consultant items to sell that I have collected over the last 6 years. All items are used unless noted. Paypal only. I will do my best to use flat rate boxes or an envelope if it is cheaper. If you have any questions or want to see pictures (sending them to your phone is probably the easiest), just let me know!

Logo Wear:
Brown Quilted Jacket with logo in pink -Merrill (L) - $15.00 **Sale Pending**
Help Whip Cancer Baseball Caps (2 – never worn, but out for display) - $5.00 each
Blue ¾ length sleeve shirt (looks like it is layered with a white shirt underneath)-Merrill - New (S) - $10.00
Red Pampered Chef Short Sleeve Shirt-Merrill (M) - $5 **Sale Pending**
Green Short Sleeve Shirt-Merrill (M) - $5.00 **Sale Pending**
Blue Short Sleeve “bedazzled” Shirt-Merriil (S)- $6.00
Black Pampered Chef t-shirt-Merrill – (M) - $3.00
Black short sleeve shirt (with white logo)-Merrill - $5.00 **Sale Pending**
Raspberry Help Whip Cancer Fleece-Merrill – New (S) - $15.00
Burgundy scarf – New - $2.00
Pink Quilted Vest-Merrill (M) – New - $10.00 **Sale Pending**
Share the Dream – Live Your Dream Bracelet (conference gift) - $1.00

Logo Items:
Zipper Organizer (Conference gift with a place for a notepad, cards, pen, etc and a Velcro pocket on the outside) - $5.00
Green picture album (new) - $3.00
Blue Water Bottle (new) - $2.00
Green Coin Purse (New) - $1.00
Black and White Runner (New) - $20.00

Grey and Gold Paisley Apron with The Pampered Chef bow and plain Grey bow (used once) - $8.00
Green Snowman Apron - $6.00
Pink Help Whip Cancer Apron - $6.00

Large Cookwear Bag - $3.00 **Sale Pending**
Black Conference Bag (zipper top with two outside pockets) - $4.00 **Sale Pending**
Black Bag (The Pampered Chef in red) – LOTS of pockets and zippers) - $5.00 **Sale Pending**
Black and Pink Quilted Tote - $10.00

Business Supplies:
Green Snowman Table Cloth - $10.00
2012 Consultant Planner (new) - $1.00
The Pampered Chef car decal (Merrill)- $2.00 **Sale Pending**
Recipe Cards (2 unopened packs and close to the equivalent of 4 more packs) - $2.00
The Pampered Chef stickers (clear to put on envelopes) – small part of a roll - $1.00
Homemade Benefits of Booking a Show Slide (Laminated on White) - $2.00
Pampered Chef Booking Slide - $5.00 **Sale Pending**
Nancy’s Artwork Lot (Business Cards, Pen Flags, Door Hangers and large labels (6 to a page)) - $3.00
Pampered Chef Product Notecards (Merrill) - 45 opened and one pack unopened - $8.00
Cooking Show invitations (1 pack-unopened) - $.50 **Sale Pending**
Grey Pampered Chef 3-ring binders (I have written consultant news in sharpie down the side) - $.50 each
Door Prize Drawing Box (Merrill) - $2.50
Door Prize Drawing Slips (3 full and 4 partial) - $3.00 **Sale Pending**
“The Pampered Chef Welcomes You” Banner (Merrill) - $5.00 **Sale Pending**
Partial roll of stickers “No need to bring a gift: Kitchen tools from The Pampered Chef will be available for purchase” - $1

Recruiting Material/New Consultant:
Welcome to our Cluster Postcards-blue (unopened pack) - $.50
You’re Great postcards – green (opened pack) - $.25 **Sale Pending**
Discover the Chef in you – Ask Me How Pins (7) - $3.00 for all
Congratulations and Welcome to our Cluster Business Card Sheets (Merrill) – One opened package with a few missing and one unopened package - $6.00
Guess What I discovered at The Pampered Chef postcards (Merill) – Opened pack (at least 50) - $3.00

Hello my name is _____ (chef success) button - $.50
Pampered Chef light up star “wand” (needs batteries) - $1.00
Mickey Mouse ear clappers - $1.00
Wahoo Button - $1.00
Cloud/Money Sign/Star Charm with strap (conference gift)- Set of 2 - $2.00 for both
Pampered Chef pom-pom (red, white and blue) - $.50
Pampered Chef Ribbon (lots of different pieces from conferences) - $1.00
Trivet Pin - $1.00
Oven Mitt with tools lapel pin (new) - $1.00 **Sale Pending**
Pampered Chef Pink Clappers (lights up but needs new batteries) - $1.00
Ty Beanie Baby (Pink with Breast Cancer Ribbon) – 8 new in bag, one that has set on a shelf for display - $1.00 each
Several bags of Help Whip Cancer pins - $2.00 for all
Luggage Tags (2 in each unopened package (5) and 5 loose with only 1 strap – 15 total tags with 11 straps) Merrill - $4.00 for all **Sale Pending**
Key Chain Flashlight-Merrill (2) – New - $1.00 for both (includes a battery for each one) **Sale Pending**
Blue The Pampered Chef notebook -Merrill(perfect purse size (3)) – New - $.50 each **Sale Pending**
2 oz Plastic cups (approximately 175) – These are Solo brand. I purchased them from a friend who sells Tastefully Simple to sample sauces at my shows. - $3.00
The Pampered Chef (Book) – Doris Christopher - $7.50

Theme Show Binder Pages:
Fall/Winter 2008 (Game Day and Decadent Desserts) – Unopened (2) - 2.50 each
6:00 Salads (Chicken, Avocado and Grapefruit Salad and Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad) -opened- $2.00
Bites and Bevs (Tangy Pepper Pecan Brie and Jerk Chicken Nachos) – opened - $2.00
Spring Summer 2009 (Dinnertime in No time and Keep it Cool) – Unopened (2) - $2.50 each

Table Top Flip Chart Pages. There is a picture on one side with the name in English and the same on the other side in Spanish and then a separate page with info on the product:
Executive Cookware/Forged Cutlery (2) - $.50 each
Trifle Bowl (2) - $.50 each
Stainless Cookware Collection - $.50


Banner, trivet and oven mitt pins - i'll send u a txt tomorrow ;)
Aug 16, 2007
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Banner, trivet and oven mitt pins - i'll send u a txt tomorrow ;)

The only thing i have left is the trivet pin...let me know if you still want it :)

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