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Pampered Chef: I'm Thinking of Pampered Chef As A Biz...

  1. wabratling

    wabratling Guest

    ...but I don't know much about it yet. Could someone tell me the pros and cons of going into this business? I'd really appreciate some solid information. Thanks! :)
    Nov 3, 2004
  2. cookingwithlove

    cookingwithlove Advanced Member Gold Member


    I really like being a PC consultant. I started in August. I think it is a very reputable company to work with. They have been around since 1980 so they have all of the kinks worked out and it is not a fly-by-night company. They distribute very good well made products. And it is something that EVERYBODY can use. Everyone has to eat!! The parties are fun.

    Hardest part is not spending all of your earnings on new stuff :D !! No really, I think the hardest part is working by yourself, in that you are in charge of your schedule and bookings. You are not really accountable to anybody. Another difficutlt obsticle can be standing up in front of people and talking about the products. It just depends on your personality. You can do it, but it might be a bit harder if you are bit of an introvert. But think of it as a growing experience.

    The commitment cost $90 to start the business, but you receive close to $200 in usable products. It is worth a try just for the stuff.

    Good luck :)!!
  3. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    You never know until you try. But I always encourage anyone interested to go into Pampered Chef with the idea of trying it out for at least 6 shows.
    Nov 4, 2004
  4. ChefSarah

    ChefSarah Guest

    I also urge it.
    I was new to my area (and country) and have found it to be so very helpful in meeting interesting new people and making money doing it!

    Yours truly,
    Nov 5, 2004
  5. JennH


    I'm new, too...

    I'm new to PC, too. I just received my starter kit a couple weeks ago. I really need help getting bookings. Of course, I've asked friends and family, but am currently at a stand still. I'm trying to see the interest in fundraisers, too. I've contacted a few non-profit organizations, but have not heard anything back from them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Nov 5, 2004
  6. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Hopefully you have an experienced director. They are a wealth of information and can often make the difference between success and failure. You of course are the other factor. Ask if you attend one of their shows, are there any training meetings etc that you can go to? Get audio and video tapes.
    Good Luck! Deb
    Nov 5, 2004
  7. ChefSarah

    ChefSarah Guest

    the trick to getting bookings is not to ask your friends and family, because then it seems like a burden.

    Instead, ask them if they know of anyone that it interested.

    Usually they can spout off three or four names!
    Nov 6, 2004
  8. Kathyl



    I am new to pc also. I am new to a forum like this also, so hopefully i can post this ok. My super starter month was in Sept. I did my 6 shows and really enjoyed it. But when booking my shows I did ask freinds and family, but I did not stress show bookings beyond Sept. My Oct was awful, but Nov. is looking good. My suggestion is to focus on booking at least 2 months ahead at all times. Good Luck in your new business. :)
    Nov 8, 2004
  9. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Welcome Kathy,
    The first couple of months with Pampered Chef can be up and down until you get your momentum going. Glad to hear things are better.
    Thanks for joining and posting. Please continue to post and spread the word about our website.
    Nov 8, 2004
  10. Pampered Chef Business

    I have been a consultant for a little over a year now. I could go on and on about all the great things about a Pampered Chef business. There are definitely ups and downs in any business, but PC gives you so many tools that it is hard to stay in a slump. Getting past family and friends is hard, but the referral idea is great. Also, finding out where craft shows, fairs, etc are being held and setting up a stand is a great way to branch out. I have gotten several great show leads from these. For someone looking at the business I have to say we are the best out there in a lot of ways. As a consultant or a host, PC treats all wonderfully. There are always incentives to earn besides the regular paycheck. Recognition is a bonus as every great thing we do gets recognized. Back to the bookings issue, customer care calls are a good way to get bookings. Even if you are new to the business you want to make sure to call your customers just to "check in" and see how they are enjoying their new products. You will be amazed at how this personal service affects your business. Also, hosting your own show is always an option. Everyone has neighbors, family, and friends to invite. It is a great way to let everyone know you have started your own business. Someone previously said that PC is easy to sell and it is. Talking in front of people is easier than you think too, because it takes practice, but PC gives us guidelines to follow if we so choose and these can guide us through a show. I have to agree with the person that said try it for 6 shows. You won't lose. $90 gets you your kit of products and the paperwork to get you started. You will definitely make that back easily, plus a home business is great for taxes. You will get out of this business whatever you put into it.

    Kimberly Runkle
    York, PA
    [email protected]
    Nov 14, 2004
  11. pampered1224

    pampered1224 Legacy Member Silver Member

    Thinking about it...

    Here are some major pros for you to ponder.
    1) The Pampered Chef is 25 years old. This means stablility, quality and
    assurance that you will have the help and training availble to that you
    need to make it in this business.
    2) Direct sales in this country is a growing business with millions!!! of people
    making a living at it. You would be surprised at how many people want to
    see the "little guy" succeed and would be more than willing to have a
    show for you. All you gotta do is ASK! Ask Everyone!!! Even the check
    out lady at the grocery store, the receptionist at the doctors office, the
    ladies who you sit next to you at Little League. ASK EVERYONE!!!!
    3) The Pampered Chef has national attention. Ads have appeared in major
    publications such as Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens
    to name a few. The public awarness of The Pampered Chef and it's
    products and opportunity give you an edge.
    4) A network of people, like ourselves, who also want you to succeed. And
    we are always willing to advise, help, teach, and best of all listen. This
    forum is a great sounding board. It means "You are never alone in your
    business". If you ever feel that you are, you are not tapping into all the
    resources availble to you. Telephones are great! Ask for other
    consultant's phone numbers. If they are who I believe they are, you will
    never get a "buzz off". Especially know your director!
    5) And last but not least, a product that is worth it's weight in gold. The
    quality of our products is backed by a warranty as no other. This is
    something I actually bring up at my shows because I often hear that our
    products cost to much. They may cost more than at Marshall's or Target
    but they won't replace a broken stone that was purchased three years
    ago, or replace a very expensive piece a cookware that you purchased
    10 years ago!!! And they will not guaranty that their stoneware is made
    without lead, or that the blades on their Food Choppers are stanless steel
    and can be replaced for up to 5 years. Remind people that no one, not
    any company anywhere would put a warranty on a piece of garbage.
    You only warranty quality, not crap! (Sorry about being so blunt but it's

    The only con I can think of, is you!
    Only you can stand in your way of doing whatever you want with this business. I can say that this one of my main faults. IF I trusted myself more, I would be doing much better than I am. I always have excusses for why something didn't work, why I don't have shows or sales are down, but what it boils down to is that I personally did something wrong. I will say that a lot of people make it look very easy. For them it might be. For some of us, it takes work, sweat and yes, sometimes tears but what it all comes down to is this. Only you can make it fail. Just as only you can make it SOAR!
    If this is something you want, it can happen for you. The amount of "want" will determine how far you go.
    Look at yourself. Decide if you are willing to go beyond your comfort zone. Are you willing to stand in front of people and talk? Are you maybe willing to put catalogs and calling cards on the neighbors doors? Or better yet, TALK to your neighbors then go to a new neighborhood and put catalogs and calling cards on their doors! Take it one step further and knock on that door, introduce yourself and hand them a catalog. Start out by doing what you are comfortable with. Then expand on that. Take the risks.
    Kathy, just the fact that you asked means you are already going to do it. As was said before, you won't know unless you try it. And as someone else pointed out, at $90.00, what have you got to lose. NOTHING!
    So go for it! And I won't even wish you success as it is yours. You know you want it therefore you already know that you can do it. Just don't get lost in the downs. We are here. We will listen. You go girl!
    Dec 28, 2004
  12. Love It!

    I started in August just to try something new. I have a great fulltime job, but have done the same thing for almost 20 years! It is fun, easy, and rewarding to be a consultant! It is a great way to start your own business with virtually no risk. The $90 to get started is less than you would pay to actually buy the items in the starter kit! The new friends you will meet and the opportunities the PC offers... PRICELESS! Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions on how to get started! Have a Pampered day!

    [email protected]
    Jan 3, 2005
  13. pampered chef

    Hi I also do Pampered CHef. i have been with the company for 6 years and I am a Director. If you like easy money , you should try pampered chef. You have nothing to lose. All you have to do is try 4 parties either kitchen party or catalog party. All you commit to do is the 4 parties, if you don't like it, thats it, keep the products and the money you earned!
    Its a great oportunity.
    Contact me any time
    [email protected]
    Jan 12, 2005

  14. Hi there my name is mae clark and i love my pampered chef biz , it's an awsome time to join with the specials that are on now . There are the one to get your kit half price, the trips , the braclet , the commission , the independence of having your own business , time to get out of the house and enjoy the company of other people, and getting to know other people .The support from other team menbers which is awsome even from a distance .You will not regret joining pampered chef and your biz will be what you make of it depending on what you put into it . Yoy will make your money back if that is what you are worried about , take it from me , i have been with pampered chef now for 5 months and i love it. So if you want to hear more email me at [email protected] love to have you join and i can help you over the net no matter how far away you are from me
    Jan 19, 2005
  15. Go For It

    Just think all you have to do is 4 shows and if you fill that this is not for you. you can keep your kit (worth $350) and plus what you have earnd.
    Jan 27, 2005
  16. Karens


    Do It!

    :D Pampered Chef has opened up a new world for me. In the beginning I figured "why not" $350 in product, 6 shows (at that time) and its mine!!! I was a pampered chef host for a couple of years prior to this. Then I thought, I will just quit after I get my stuff! HAHA NOT! I became addicted! On my 5th show I recruited my first recruit, then my 3rd month another one! Sales went good, I got paid, have my trip in mind and am thinking I am going to let pampered chef pamper me and my business! :D So, ask yourself, what will you loose? Nothing, You get back your money in product and then some! You will gain friends! And I am happy when im even doing my paperwork and filing! haha But then, dont we all need to have a job we love? If its not for you, then you will know it. We all have our own thang ya know? But, if you don't try???? How will you know????? :cool:
    Mar 18, 2005
  17. Recruiter Support for Success

    I am going to stick my neck out.

    Is it difficult to become successful if your recruiter does not live closeby ?
    Does anyone have recruits that are located far away ?
    What about meetings or just support ?

    Just wondering as a friend of mine signed with another company and there was no support or training except a once a month e-mail. Totally discouraging after signing !

    I love this forum and any feedback re this. :rolleyes:
    May 19, 2005
  18. HELLO!! I live about 400 miles from my recruiter/director, and it's not a problem at all! She's wonderful, and she's also connected me with a Hospitality Director (a director that lives in/near your town). You can attend your hospitality directors meetings, get support from them, so you really have TWO support groups! Double the help/fun/encouragement!!
    If you're looking to get started, please email me anytime!! ([email protected]). I would love to talk to you, answer your questions, and help you get started!!
  19. chefloriray

    chefloriray Guest

    My director lives about 3 hours away from me. I have stuck with her and do not have a hospitality director because the closest one to me is either her or one 3 hrs away the other way. So we communicate alot with e mails and phone calls! I do miss out on monthly meetings but try to go to their meetings when I can. Yes i feel like I miss out, but I really study this website and consultant news and have a great friend who sends me info all the time.
    May 19, 2005
  20. Consultant

    I have looked at hudrends of home bases business...put a lot of money into some that really turned out to be nothing at all. When I started Pampered Chef I was blown away about how great of a company it was. I got paid well, people love the products, they sold themselves...People know Pampered Chef and what they stand for...you don't find that with too many companies :)
    Any questions let me know!

    Marshall, MN
    [email protected]
    Jun 5, 2005
  21. apamperedone

    apamperedone Member


    GO for it!!! You have nothing to lose but A LOT to gain! Juist remember you will get a paycheck while trying the business out. It is easy to get started in. If you would like to discuss this more feel free to call me at 330 692 2002. I will answer any questions you have. It is a lot of fun to have recruits in other states too! I ahve been in the business almost 4 years and never had so much fun doing a part time job! :)
    Jan 15, 2006
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