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I need some ideas


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Apr 3, 2006
Hello to everyone. I am fairly new to this site, My name is April Cone and this is my second month with the PC. I am married and have two boys ages 5 and 3. I also work for and eye doctor four days a week, Monday's off. My first month went pretty well with two cooking shows and one catalog show. The month of May is not so good. I only have one show and that I all I have scheduled on my calander, with a possibility of one in August. I have tried calling friends and leaving messaages but they don't return my call. Does anybody have any other suggestions?


Mar 16, 2006
Welcome April! First of all, this site is the best! Look at the bookings section here and you'll find tons of ideas! There's also your Recipe for Success book from your kit. Look at the section for building bookings. This is my second go 'round with The Pampered Chef. The first time I didn't try to use the scripts found in RFS but this time I figured, they must know what they're talking about so I've used them. They do work!

Every time you go out to run errands, dress nicely and treat every person you come in contact with as if they are already your friend. No one wants to book a show from a grumpy person. See everyone as a potential host. Convenient store clerks love nice people and welcome something to look at while working their shift alone. Rather than pay at the pump, go inside, bring a catalog, and just come right out and ask. You'd be suprised what could happen.

Good luck to you in your new business! Glad you're here!:D


Mar 3, 2006
I know it sounds redundant but my advice is to CALL, CALL, CALL!! I am in my 6th month now and still HATE to call but I have found it is the only way to go. I had a horriably slow start, it took 4 months to qualify! The first time I truly got on the phone for the night my hubby was behind me making me do it (I asked him to hold me accountable so I did not make any excuses!!). My first night of calling I called 10 people and got 8 bookings!! I was so excited and felt I really overcame something! I am determined to make June a great month so I called everyone I had left to call the other night, out of 3 calls I did get 1 booking! Now with BRU event this saturday and a fair next Saturday I hope to get lots more ## to call!! It is hard to do, I feel bad calling people I have not talked to in forever to ask a favor but people are more then willing to help out! The best of luck!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
If you are wondering who to call...I would call the guest from your first parties and especially anyone who purchased through the catalog show. Ask them how they like their new products and offer suggestions of things to do with them then ask them if you can share the upcoming host specials with them. Since you are a little strapped for shows you might want to offer an incentive for booking this month or June. Check out some of the fliers on this site for incentive ideas.


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Mar 12, 2006
A great line to use on past customers is "Were you able to get everything you wanted?" That opens the door to talking about products and hosting and how to get stuff FREE!