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How do I get to these people???

Jun 12, 2005
Hello everyone! I have been reading various posts and SO many of the PC Files.... I have found a treasure trove of information!! Thank you to all who have contributed!! I am trying to start over in PC, and am nervous. I started back up last year, but live in a small community. The people act as if PC is outrageously expensive..... I want to do well... HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Congrats on signing back up! One thing I haven't heard about is PC is too expensive. I think the great thing is that there are MANY things that are under $10. I don't know what the % of products are anymore, but there are a lot.

Are you doing kitchen shows or just catalog shows? One of the great things about kitchen shows is you can tell people about the benefits of the products. Although they might seem costly, they have multiple purposes.

Have you had your kitchen shows to restart? Are you focusing on price rather than benefits and features?

Go back to your list of 100 and try to get outside your circle of friends and family.


I believe about 40% of our products are under $10!! Plus, when it comes to being too expensive tell them that in the long run they are saving money...where else can you purchase something and then return it in 3 years if it breaks?? You definately CANT do that at WalMart! I feel like I live in a small community too, about 2000 people but have been selling for 7 years and still find interested people and ones who do shows over and over again. Dont get discouraged...keep trying! ;)