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:) Hello everyone my name is Nikki i am 25. I currently live in

Aug 23, 2005
:) Hello everyone my name is Nikki i am 25. I currently live in Norfolk VA, my hubby is a Sailor and we have a 3 yr old lil boy. I am originally from NYC and have been pretty shocked with the lack of work here in VA. I have been looking to work from home for over a year but for one reason or another i have found most comapnies do not work for me. I went to my first PC party last week and loved the products i enjoy cooking though i am not excellent at it lol...but i am always up to learn new things. I told my consultant that i am very interested and i will get back to her. Since then i have done alot of research and had alot of questions answered. Then i found this site and i must say WOW heheh so much great info so many great people i love it. So...i will be signing soon and hoping to host my first catalog show on oct 5th or so..and then my first party oct 16 :) I am still doing more research so if anyone would like to give me a heads up on anything go ahead. Thank you!!



Apr 22, 2005
Your starting off right!!

I think you are starting off on the right track. The first suggestion that I give to everybody is to book as many shows as possible right from the start. Your original bookings lead to more bookings. Don't count on your shows for bookings, in case you do not get any. Get on the phone and talk to as many people as you can think of, even out of towners (they can do catalog shows). Let everyone know what you are going to be doing. Just a heads up, if you sign up by the end of August and you qualify by the end of September, you get the new Roasting Pan With Rack for FREE. So you might want to try and get some bookings for September. The Roasting Pan has a value of $145.

Good Luck,
Debbie :D


Jul 6, 2005
Hi ! Welcome !

Your making a GREAT choice ! PC is awesome ! I have been with PC for a little over 1 year ! I have 2 young children, it works for me !! Ilove earning FREE products ! As well as a paycheck !! You have also found a GREAT site ! The best one out there for PC !! :)
Aug 23, 2005
thanks for the warm welcome and info. Debbie i know about the pan but i don't think i can get enough shows that quick because most of my friends are having other kinds of parties so they wouldn't really buy anything that is why i am waiting for Oct. :) thanks for the info though. I am taking this time to talk to all family and friends and to think of marketing and flyers and such so when i do start..i start fully aware and prepared :)

Nikki :)


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005

Hey Nikki!! My mom, sister, stepdad, stepsister and godmother all live in or around Norfolk!! Hope you like it there!!