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Golden Nest Egg- recruiting idea


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Sep 7, 2005
Party Plan: The Golden Nest Egg
The demographics of party plan
people are varied. While the industry is great for
moms who want to stay at home with their children,
many other groups of people are finding this the
perfect solution for their lifestyles.

As you talk to people in all
?slices? of life, offer them the following benefit
of having their own party plan business: The perfect
Golden Nest Egg.

Companies that offer pension plans
are becoming as extinct as dinosaurs? eggs. So, a
way to grow a retirement income is by holding home
parties. Consider this: By holding one good party
(sales around $500.00) a week, an average consultant
can earn $100.00 per week based on a commission
structure of $25% If she/he does this consistently
? just one a week ? a golden nest egg of $5,200 a
year can be accumulated and invested.

Multiply (even if you?re not a
rabbit) this amount by the number of years until the
average retirement age of 65, and you?ll se a larger
picture of what I?m talking about: A 45-year-old
consultant using this formula would earn
approximately $104,000 to invest in a retirement
program. And, wise investments (consult a
professional for tax advice and investment
information) quickly multiply. Of course, I?m not
putting business expense into the scenario. But I
think you get the picture.

But you could take this further
and, assuming you
paid ten percent income tax on this money, that
would leave you $360 per month to invest. Assuming
you invested in program that brought you a ten
percent return per annum, you'd end up in 20 years
with $273,373 for retirement!

There?s another way to grow a nest
egg: Invite others to join your nest! As you
recruit people into your company, do all you can to
influence, inspire, educate and encourage them;
don?t just sign them up and forget them. Remember, a
hen stays with her eggs to keep them warm until they

During the Easter season, while
plastic and candy eggs are plentiful, purchase
several bags of each. Take the plastic egg to your
parties throughout the year (I waited to send
this message until after your seasonal Easter
parties so the message will stand out) and explain
how others can hatch their own businesses and
establish personal nest eggs.


Aug 20, 2005
great perspective

Heather, that is a great idea. It's always nice to find different things that may appeal to people. Not everyone does this for the products. (ha) But I am definately going to try to incorporate this into my "recruiting commercial".
Thanks for the idea.:)


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Sep 7, 2005
OH no, I thought I included that it was from the Lemon Aid Lady. Party planner gal! Just like to share her ideas since I get her newsletters and some of her ideas are intesting to pass on!