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Gingerbread house molds

May 4, 2005
Hi all. Not sure where to post this, but it's about a product. I think it's discontinued....
I have been a consultant for 4 mos. I have a client who would like to somehow purchase another gingerbread house mold (?). She knows they don't make them anymore but thought there might have been a consultant out there who had it for shows but doesn't use it anymore. Can anyone help? She has looked on ebay but not had success, yet. I am not trying to solicit sales or break any rules of this site.....I just need some advice on how to answer her question. Email me privately if you have one she can buy, I guess. Thanks!

Sharon Scheible
Independent Sales Consultant
the Pampered Chef
[email protected]


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Mar 15, 2005
Heart shaped mold

The only place you will find it will be EBAY , I have seen them there . That mold has been disc for many years .
Doreen Zaino 5 1/2 years Pampered Chef Future Director