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Brainstorming Ideas

Jan 6, 2006
I have written down some ideas to use as I travel across the country with my hubby, to build my PC business as well. (One of the reasons I came back to PC is to be flexible and make money still among other reasons).

I'll be gone 2 to 3 weeks at a time, then home for a few weeks.
I figure I can do CC Calls in the truck.
And put together mailers and print them out to mail. And make the follow up calls from the truck as well.

We obviously are not in any one area for any length of time, but I am wondering about introducing PC to maybe the waitresses where we eat, and when we're stopped for a couple of days, to meet other driver's wives and share business with them.

You all have lots of ideas.....Any brainstorming ideas from any of you on this?



Silver Member
Feb 3, 2006
Man what an awesome opportunity! Do you stop at the truck stops? Scales?How do you get your loads. Do you use brokers??? Do you regularly meet the wives? Get the website if you don't have one and push that all you can. Let me know some more particulars. I am already brainstorming!
In my other "REAL JOB", I am the freight manager, so I know exactly where you are coming from!
Jan 6, 2006
Very cool Kirsten. Freight manager? aka dispatcher? or on the shipping/receiving end of the industry?

We do stop at truck stops. That's mostly where we will park and sleep, and of course make our contribution to the oil industry (fuel up).

Our loads are from the company we are leased with. We work with the same person everyday (I should say my hubby does, but I'm a team member ;) )

Scales....not really a place where you'll be wanting to stay long :eek: If you're staying, the DOT officer is not usually in any mood to hear anything else other than the business at hand.

I do see women. Perhaps a woman in an office where we are loading/unloading. Some companies are laid back, and you can tell. Others not so much. Guess I should have catalog and card ready for those too. It has to be VERY low key as these customers are well, customers, and you don't want to infringe on that relationship. But I guess low key is what it has to be anyway. It's not like you're going to go there to do a cooking show. (Unless you're close to home).
And we see waitresses when we eat in the restaurants (usually the truck stop restaurant).

I see a good number of wives. Some out just for a week or so, some drivers, some like me, on full time or part of the time on the truck.

I wonder what products I should bring on the truck. Things truckers would use. (And not a ton of stuff, we just don't have the room).

One thing that is really missed by me when I'm on the truck is cooking in my kitchen.

And one reason that I'm back with PC is that we need another source of income. Hubby is Owner/Operator so if the wheels stop rolling so does our income. I need a supplement for in case he gets sick or wants to take time off.

Thanks.....I'll be waiting for your brainstorming ideas.