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Recent content by JeannePaff

  1. J

    Mini-Loaf Pan Recipe needed

    I have a guest who wants a recipe for a meal for one in the Mini-Loaf Pan. I made some general suggestions, but do not have a written recipe. Does anyone have one? Thanks.
  2. J

    Oh my gosh!!

    You still have a few days before the end of the month. You can work this out. Do you have a PC debit card so that the HO debits out the amount not charged by customers and the host? If so, put the cash from the host in the account and call the HO with the new amount to be charged on the host...
  3. J

    Web site question

    I understand about the navigation of our sites, and it's probably a good idea. I've seen some "sponsored ads" on Google that shoot straight to the online catalog, bypassing the consultant's home page. I always put my home page address on my business cards and newsletters. But I'm not sure...
  4. J

    Web site question

    Yesterday I received this message from the HO. It was sent to all personal web site subscribers. It appears they are now letting us link our home pages but nothing else. Do you read it that way too? Dear Personal Web Site Subscriber: Online ordering is a wonderful asset to your business...
  5. J

    Web Advertising

    After receiving the message from the home office that said, "Starting today you may only have links to your home page..." I have put my home page back into my profile on this site. I have emailed my Executive Director to be sure this is OK. Did anyone else understant the HO message in this way?
  6. J

    Is this worth it due to the date?

    If "the tab will be online until after Christmas," will this get you in trouble with the home office for having a link to your web site from the newspaper's web site? (See related discussion.) Or does the message we received today about PWS mean we can now do things like that? (I hope so!)
  7. J

    Web Advertising

    I've updated my site now, so at least the headlines won't be identical.
  8. J

    OK to discuss Conference now!

    I agree. Steve Wiltshire's book, Vision Made Real, should be required reading for every consultant! It has changed the way I see my business, and that has made all the difference.
  9. J

    Let the guests cook!

    A fellow consultant told me that she has gone to all guest participation, especially with shows for groups who are familiar with the product already. It makes it new and fun. She said her show average went up $100 a show without changing anything. She just says, "OK guys, everybody come up here...
  10. J

    Has anyone had any success with recruiting by placing an ad in the

    Rather than spending money on an ad, why not spend money on making yourself a walking ad with PC clothing? I have gotten orders from people seeing my shirt. I hope if someone is looking for some extra income this holiday season, they will ask if they see me. I wear PC stuff any time I am going...
  11. J

    Cookware Lids

    I think if you use a lid from the same size pan it will work. I just put the Professional 2 qt lid on the Generation II 2 qt pan, and it fit. (I do not have both full sets to try all the pans.) Each set has slightly different sized pans, so those obviously would not fit. They also have some that...
  12. J

    No Demo

    Do you make any Pampered Chef recipes or does the host just provide snacks?
  13. J

    Guest specials appear after Pampered Partner Update

    That makes sense, because Hawaii is very picky about foods that are shipped in. I had a guest order that special and was surprised to see it. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. J

    Has anyone had any success with recruiting by placing an ad in the

    I agree. It is a good idea to decide what your "job description" is ahead of time. Write it out and practice it until it comes out automatically and sounds natural and genuine. I have sometimes been surprised by someone asking about what I do and mumble something about being a kitchen...
  15. J

    Web Advertising

    Yes, I saw it too. No, she didn't ask.