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Recent content by Elizabeth Q

  1. Elizabeth Q

    Messenger bags free you pay shipping!

    I'm potentially interested. Can you advise me on shipping to 48188?
  2. Elizabeth Q

    Discontinued items for sale!

    Are you able to post an undated list of what you have on offer?
  3. Elizabeth Q

    ISO Jar Openers (discontinued item)

    When were these sold? I've never heard of them.
  4. Elizabeth Q


    I think they are in the Outlet.
  5. Elizabeth Q

    Urgent Now that Hold 'N Slice is gone, what do I use on cake?

    What did you actually use, Jeanine? I've never made that cake - does it go over well at parties?
  6. Elizabeth Q

    Retiring from PC :( but loads to sell -- CHEAP!! LOL)

    Salad chopper and Close & Cut to Michigan, 48188, please.
  7. Elizabeth Q

    National Conference --SPOILERS--

    Are you a Director or above?
  8. Elizabeth Q

    Soon to be Consultant

    There is no rule that you have to do a launch party, or that you have to do it right away. You can do it when the time is right for you. I'm sorry to hear that your friends were offended. That is uncomfortable, isn't it. I try to be clear that I am excited about Pampered Chef and want to share...
  9. Elizabeth Q

    Retiring from PC :( but loads to sell -- CHEAP!! LOL)

    Price for Salad Chopper and Season's Best cookbooks, please?
  10. Elizabeth Q

    Lemon zester/scorer question

    Does anyone know why Pampered Chef retired the Zester/Scorer? I wanted to use it at a party and just discovered that we don't sell it anymore.
  11. Elizabeth Q

    Brand New and Eager

    Thank you, Jeanine! I live in Canton (in line with Detroit and Ann Arbor, closer to AA), went to college in Kalamazoo (close to Niles?). I appreciate the encouragement!
  12. Elizabeth Q

    Grease Mop

    Thank you. I think I am too new to have gotten a Pampered Chef email - still in my first 10 days.
  13. Elizabeth Q

    Grease Mop

    Where do you go to get this kind of information?
  14. Elizabeth Q

    Grease Mop

    I just bought one, now called the Magic Mop.