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Consultant Sign-On Bonus

Discussion in 'Recruiting Discussion' started by PampMomof3, Jun 26, 2005.

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  1. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Gold Member

    Hey everyone! I am putting together my newsletter for next month and wondered if anyone heard of a consultant sign-on promo for July? I am trying to put the opportunity in there but I definitely want to add the promo if there is one! Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. As far as I can tell, there isn't one. Since the one from June carries into July (sign on by June 30th and qualify by July 31st), there probably won't be another one. Plus, it likely would have been in the June KCN. I could be wrong and maybe they'll come out with one that we'll be told about July 1st, but I doubt it.
  3. We never can tell what will happen from year to year or month to month but there my still be hope for a July recruiting promo.

    Last year and I think in many previous years a sing up bonus has been announced at conference. These typically start mid July and go through the end of August. Be on the look out!!!
  4. I'm new to the Pampered Chef and have appreciated this website as a resource. The subject of a promo or bonus for new consultants has me wondering.....if my first ss month is June but I signed up and got my starter kit in May, does that mean no promo for me? I know it seems kind of silly, but if I had known those even existed, I might have waited and had my Director tell me as soon as one came out and then signed up.
    It's not a big deal, I know I'll have plenty of future opportunities for incentives. I just feel like I missed out.
    Well, thanks in advance for any input you might have. I'll keep visiting this site and learning from you all. :)
  5. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Gold Member

    If you signed up in May, I believe there was no promo for signing up, PC has been running them every other month. I agree your director should have told you that there was an incentive to sign. Like you said, there are plenty of incentives that you will receive if you try! Good Luck! :)
  6. We got an email from Home Office saying there would be a July promo, BUT they would not tell us until conference and it was SECRET until the LAST CONFERENCE WAVE (that's ME!...don't tell!).

    PampMomOf3....I understand how you might feel frustrated about missing out, but you really haven't. You have an opportunity to earn the new products for FREE! What an awesome opportunity! As far as I know, July recruits will miss that opportunity.

    Pampered Chef is always so good to us. They always have incentives running. Maybe this new announcement after conference might benefit you for RECRUITING your first recruit! So get out there and TALK TO EVERYONE about how you LOVE PC!!
  7. Ginger was right and that is what I read. June was a great month to earn the new products and was the hi light for signing in May. There will be something great for July and we will just have to be ready. I'll be in Conference 2 and I cann't wait.
  8. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Gold Member

    Thanks Ginger and I agree that PC is very good to us, in fact, when I signed up, I got free cookware so no complaints there. I was just replying to Congachef's reply.
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