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Selling the Sizzle


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Apr 14, 2004
Communicate with emotion to present a show that is memorable. Choose words and phrases that stir people's feeling. Avoid the dull. Use words and descriptions that conjure up a picture in the listener's mind and appeal to their feelings and senses. Use words like juicy, fragrant, aroma, flaky, and succulent. Elicit a "gut feel" reaction that brings to the listener's mind- sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.These will move them to act.
Provide vivid details that will bring your show to life. Describe the scene, the setting, the characters, and the action in a way that appeals to the emotions. Speak of the anticipation and excitement of the crowd as they await the start of the show. Create a sense of drama by highlighting the moments of suspense and surprise.Create an atmosphere of anticipation with your words. Explain what is about to happen and why it is so important and exciting. Make sure to emphasize the unique qualities that make your show stand out from the others. Use language that speaks directly to your audience's heart.Make sure to use language that conveys emotion. Speak of the joys and sorrows, the thrills and chills, of the show. Use words that convey the emotions of the characters and the feelings of the audience. Speak of the passion and energy that make the show unforgettable. Finally, use language that will make your audience remember your show long after they have seen it. Speak of the lasting impact and the memories that will stay with them. Make sure to leave them wanting more.