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Need Some Advice Please

Feb 26, 2006
Hi everyone my name is Diane and I am on my SS month 3. I have not had very good luck getting Bookings. I have given Books out to my Doctors office, my Bank, Hospital in town, you name it they got a Book!!

If there is anyone that can either give me some advice or tell me what I am doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it!! :)

Pampered Laura

My main piece of advice is to forget the book for a minute, and give them YOU. YOU are what sells your business to people, the book sells the products. There's a difference. :)
Go to your list of 100. Give your friends/family/neighbors, etc incentives to refer you to someone who would like to have a show. Actually talk to people on the phone or in person. Most of all - STAY POSITIVE!
You are offering people a fantastic, easy, FUN way to earn PC products for free! YOU are doing them the favor, so approach people as if you're handing them a wonderful gift, because you are! :D


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Jul 23, 2005
i would have to agree. the key is to stay positive!! also, it may not be that you are doing anything wrong. alot of people in my area dont want to do a show right now due to weather. everyone wants to do one when it gets warmer. try calling everyone and tell them about our amazing new products that start tomorrow. maybe offer an incentive for having your first spring product show? just remember it may not be you....hang in there....this biz comes in waves!!
Feb 26, 2006
Thank you

Thank you both for your comments they are greatly appreciated!!!

I plan on doing a Mystery Host Party for the new line of products that start today and am very excited about it as well.

Again Thank you :)


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Jan 17, 2006
You are doing nothing wrong!

Yes first thing, you are doing nothing wrong. It's funny how much this type of business fluctuates from month to month. When I first started out in Nov. 2004 I could hardly get a booking even when I asked friends and family. I passed out catalogs also and sent out postcards about my new business and the help I needed. Now it seems I don't have enough days to cover shows.

I have found the best way to get bookings is at shows. It's very unlikely you will get a booking from someone who is dying to have a PC show because they love the stuff (although it has happened to me twice!). We must do host coaching to let our hosts know it's important to have a good attendence to have a good show, but also so that we can get bookings. Especially with the new host benefit, I have had many bookings so that my host could get the same host special as my new booking.

At shows the ladies get to see the products for themselves, they get to browse the catalog, they get to hear people at the show talk about how much they love and use their products. I try to emphasize the host benefits during the show and I also let everyone know what my host got at her show (especially the big ones) in my thank you cards. I have gotten bookings at shows, and from the cards I send out. All the FREE stuff is really what they want, and if they see it can be done with the number of ladies that were at the show, they feel they can do it too.

Again it is not your fault. Sometimes we seem to find people left and right who will book a show, place an order or give me referrals; while other times it seems we can't find anyone in our city who wants to do a show. In time you will have your circle of faithful PC customers that will start to grow!! And you will book from them each year, or when new products come out each season, and then book off their friends and family, even co-workers. It will be ok, just give it time and stay positive.
Debbie :D


Jan 8, 2006
I found the first three months were the hardest to get bookings! At the parties, you will find more "willing" people to have a party. Also, dont sell the book or products. be yourself and have fun. If you are having fun then the guest usually are. Fun helps alot and creates good vibes! lol!


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Jan 11, 2006
When things get too slow for me, I hold an open house and post flyers all over the neighborhood and hand out invitations and catalogs to everyone I meet. Sometimes it's easier to get people to come to your house then it is to convince someone new to PC to host a show. Once they see your show and all the great stuff they can get at a discount, they'll be way more interested in booking. Also, I like to set up at swap meets and craft fairs and I have a "Book to Look" board. I got that idea on this site and it works great!


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Sep 13, 2005
Not what you give them...

but what you get from them!! When you handed out those catalogs, did you get any names and phone #s? If not, then you are wasting your time handing out catalogs, I mean nothing wrong with leaving a few spare catalogs in the waiting room at the Dr's office! But, how many times do you get a catalog in the mail?? How many times do you look through it and circle or mark pages you like??? How many times do you actually order??? Now, if someone from that catalog had called and said "did you receive the catalog we mailed you? Would you like to place your order today?"...don't you think you probably would have ordered what you wanted instead of wishing you had? :D
Dec 26, 2005
I agree with all the above advice. Sell yourself. When you get on the phone with your list of 100, make sure they hear your "smiling voice". Hosts not only want the products, but they want to hire YOU for the day. You are being hired to make the hosts party fun, informative while earning them free and discouted products!

Try offering a free piece of stoneware to whoever books. You'll more than make up that cost w/the show.

Always remember, your job is to party, so have fun with it. Don't get discouraged and always remember, a no is closer to the next yes you'll receive.

Best of Luck to you.

Feb 26, 2006
Thank you all

I just want to Thank all of you for the great advice you have given!!!

Just wanted to let you all know since this post I have gotten booked 2 Fundraiser's this Month and 1 next Month and 2 Catalog Shows for this month as well!!!

Wish me luck... :)