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Pampered Chef: Personal Caryn Toering, New Member

  1. My name is Caryn. I joined Pampered Chef in March and am at a slow and consistent pace. There is a lot of competition in my area. I am hoping to add to my collection here and pick up great ideas.
    Jun 29, 2018
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  2. Jessica Kidd

    Jessica Kidd Novice Member

    Hi Caryn,
    Welcome to the PC team. I too staryed in March and have had a slow but rough start. My 90 day hits July 2. Thatsucks there's alot of compitition in your area. That just means, stick your heals in and get er done.To start, there is a booking blitz right now. But ends at noon cst. But I would start with msging if your on faceb and sending out this mass msg:
    Hi Friends,
    I've just been challenged by my new PC friend to book 3 new parties in 2 days!?!
    Will you please help me out???
    It can be booked for any date between now and the end of September!
    It's free to host !
    Faceb or In.Home parties are both available
    I'll even throw in a free gift for you! .
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU! And again welcome to PC ;)
    Jun 29, 2018
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