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Booth Ideas


Jan 13, 2006
I am wondering if any of you have any great ideas for booths. I will be doing a booth in June and just thought I'd ask if anyone has done anything at a booth that has brought them luck or maybe even if you have an idea that you have and may not tried yet. I'm open to anything.

Erica Collins:confused:


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Nov 24, 2005

I had a small booth at a fair last week. I had people fill out ballots (I used the survey slips) to win one of two $25 gift certificates. Through the ballots I got 3 bookings for May!



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Apr 10, 2005
Go to Walmart!

They have beautiful fabric that matches our spring colors in the $1 a yard area (at least mine does). You may have to dig a little bit, but if you use double sided sticky tape (can you tell we watch a lot of Dora), you can make a "skirt" for the table, and then a top to cover the edges of the skirt.

Hope that helps!
Mar 9, 2006
If you are looking for recruits (who isn't?) you can just set up your Starter Kit and let people know that everything you see her (plus paperwork and supplies = $350 worth of stuff) is what you get for a very minimal investment.

I really liked the idea of making a skirt out of clearance fabric. Buy some silk flowers and just use the blossoms to place around the products here and there, for a spring theme.

You could also use a picnic basket and display some of our outdoor plates and grilling tools. Knives with cases are great for the picnic basket too, as well as the Chillzanne stuff.

Doing a prize drawing really helps too. The last show I did, we drew for a cookbook (Season's Best). But either don't mention what the drawing is for, or add that there will be runner-up prizes as well. After the raffle is over, you can still call and say, "Well, you didn't win the grand prize, but you did win a free cooking show." Explain what this means to you: either free ingredients for your show, or free ingredients plus forks, plates, drinks, etc.

Another thing, be sure and have some sort of sign that has the company name on it. People know the PC name and are drawn to it!

Good luck!