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Beware of Latest UPS/USPS Spam Messages | Protect Your Inbox

The first one is a spam email that says a package has been shipped to the recipient and to expect it soon. The email includes a zip file that the recipient is supposed to open to track the package.The second spam email is from US Parcel Service and it says the same thing as the first spam email.The third spam email is from Chef Success and it says the same thing as the first and second spam emails.The fourth spam email is from US Parcel Service and it says the same thing as the third spam email.The fifth spam email is from Chef Success and it says the same thing as the third spam email.The sixth spam email is from US Parcel Service and
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I've had a couple of interesting things hit my inbox in the last few days. I wonder how many of you have seen these?

First, I got a message purporting to be from UPS. It's really a crummy spam, not creative at all. No graphics, no logos, none of the usual stuff spammers use to try to trick you. The email says a package has been shipped to me, to expect it soon, and to track it by clicking on the attachment - which is a zip file.

Sorry, I'm not as dumb as I look. I'm not clickin' on it!

I sent it off to the UPS abuse folks, and got a nice message back thanking me and telling me they are aware of it.

Today, I get two more spams, same messages, only now they're from US Parcel Service.

As least they're persistent. They're rectal openings, but they're persistent. :rolleyes:
I've been getting them frequently too. Some have been from "Fed Ex".
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Some of them are very creative, using real logos and making the email look like it came from the source it purports to be.

The trick is to hover your mouse over the links. In the task bar of your browser, you'll see the destination of the link. For example, if I put in a link like this one:

The "Thank You!" Icon and Reputation Feature

and you hover your mouse over the link, you'll see:

http: / / www.chefsuccess.com/f18/hitchhikers...s-guide-list-faq-32274/index4.html#post791605

…and by observing that the link will take you to the Chef Success site, you can be assured that it's a safe link.

On the other hand, if you are reading one of those spammails, and it shows a link to track your FedUp package, you might see something more like:


…you can be assured it's a junk site, designed to separate you from your personal data, your money, your passwords and your first born male child. DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK! It looks sorta real, BUT IT AIN'T!

The key is the first item in the URL - if it's a number, and not fedup.com or the site the email pretends to be, it's probably a scam.
I get those fairly frequently. I stopped sending them to the UPS people. Now I just delete them without opening.
I don't see them. I'm sure I get them, I just cleared out over 1100 spam messages out of my spam folder. I just never look at any of them.
I've never gotten them either.I keep getting a bunch asking how I'm liking my PC business in the title. The day that I was evacuating from Japan, I got about 12 of them. I answered every single one of them with the same quote ... something to the effect that I was a military member in the process of doing an evacuation from Japan due to the issues at the Fukushima Power Plant and that I didn't need them cramming my mailbox with spam. I asked them to please stop. They did! I was getting them daily & haven't had another one in almost 3 weeks now. I can't believe it freaking worked!!!
I got an email from tastefully simple that their leads/email address' for their newsletters had been stolen and people were getting spammed because of it. They said they were truly sorry. Well I am truly upset. The email they are using is my business email. I had a past host send me an invite ONE TIME and they kept my email in their data base and it was stolen. Not a happy camper about it at all. I can't change my email to get away from them but I get spammed over and over all week long. I love Yahoo for catching most of them, but I shouldn't have to deal with them either. I try to NEVER use an email address for my Newsletters unless I have permission. I believe a few other DS companies should consider the same thing!
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Shiela, you're lucky. Usually, a response to a spammer simply proves to them that you are a valid email address and your spam will go up exponentially.Shelly, no use wasting energy on being angry since the genie is already out of the bottle. I have several email addresses, some of which the spammers haven't found - yet - but they will soon enough. They have programs that generate email addresses, and they just keep spamming them all until they find valid ones. For example, they'll send out a bazillion messages to shelly1, shelly2, shelly3…shelly1978462 etc. and several of them will not bounce. Once they find the ones that don't bounce - BAM! - you're inundated with offers to enlarge body parts, buy counterfeit Viagra, vacation for free in Puerto Spamarto or what have you.The test messages usually have subject lines that are simple, like "Hi" "Your Pics" "Hello" or even "asdfjkl;" which is just the sequential keys on the home row. DON'T OPEN THEM! It'll just prove to the spammer that you have an active address.

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2. How does "yetAnother Spammer Alert" work?

When enabled, "yetAnother Spammer Alert" scans incoming emails for suspicious patterns and content commonly used by spammers. It also takes into account the sender's reputation and other factors to determine if the email is likely spam. If a message is flagged as spam, it will be automatically moved to your spam folder.

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