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Alternate Product Uses


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Apr 14, 2004

10" whisk Fill it with kisses and have the handle engraved for a special gift

18X12 cutting board Lay it across your lawn chair arms and use as an outside

4-Piece Colander Great to take the large colander right out to your garden so
you can wash your fruits and veggies before bringing them into the house along with the extra dirt.

8x6 Bar board: Take camping, write a thank you on the plastic over wrap and
give as a card.Keep behind faucet of your sink for convenience.

Accent Decorator Deviled eggs, mini-muffin cupcakes, fill pasta shells, fill
doughnuts with pudding then shake them in a bag of powdered sugar

Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Use it to make healthy snack of zucchini curls. Take
and peel/core zucchini and then spritz with oil toss in a bag of sweetened
cornmeal and lay on your stone and bake. I sometimes add Parmesan cheese

Bakers Roller Use it to hang wallpaper, great gift for brides-use it as a
back-rubber. Use it when tinting windows or applying stickers to your

Bamboo Tongs Let little ones eat Chinese with the rest of the family and not
feel left out

Bar-B-Q Turner Have it engraved at a trophy shop for a gift they will actually
use. A great wedding gift too when paired with our nice apron and a B-B-Q
towel. Will cut a watermelon in one hack like a sword

Bread Tubes Use them to make rice crispy treats, cookies, heat them in hot
water and then push through a quart of ice cream to make shapes. Also, run
them through the middle of a melon to have a beautiful summer table

Cake Tester Use it at a Margarita show and place a fruit skewer in a glass.
Hang it on the inside of a cupboard door using a cup hook

Clock/Timer Clip it to yourself while sunbathing so you won't overcook.

Covered Micro-Cooker Use it to brown ground beef or turkey in the microwave.
Melt chocolate, use it as a great Easter basket

Deluxe Cheese Grater Use for everything including those baby carrots that you need grated for recipes

Egg Separator Turn it upside down in a plant and use it to hold the card and
as an extra gift

Egg Slicer Plus Use it to make pickle fans (like to strawberry fans); pretty
to dress up a potato salad

Food Chopper Use it on that plate of Spaghetti to cut it for little ones, use
it with cabbage to make cole slaw instead of grating it- takes less time.

Crinkle Cutter Use it to cut ice cream, pound cake, potatoes,watermelon

Kitchen Scraper Use it to scrape snow and ice off windshield, clean your
windows at home with it, use in your tub, frost a perfect cake by giving it a
final smooth with scraper. Clean up spills, great with broken eggs, grease
when spilled on the garage floor

Measure mix and Pour Baby formula on the go, powdered nutrient drinks, to wash nylons on a trip

NonstickCooling Rack On top of your 9X13 of brownies and then powder them with powdered sugar.

Pastry Blender Cut up hamburger when cooking in your micro-cooker, make egg yolks finer when making deviled eggs.

Pastry Brush Brush butter on your homemade loaves of bread, in the shop use
with grease to get in the finer thread fittings. In your car to dust your air
vents and knobs on your dash

Pizza Cutter Cut waffles, pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches,

Serrated Bread Knife Great for cutting those hard ice cream cakes. Works great with plastic tubing or small dowels or balsa wood

The Corer Use it to cut the middle out of little pumpkins and apples then add
a candleto make a centerpiece

Tool Turn About Fits in the Longaberger darning basket, fill it with office
supplies, craft paint brushes, hand tools and more. Use it ! for all size

Vegetable Peeler Use it to shave chocolate or sharpen pencils in a bind,hull

Melissa Zuhlke
Dec 21, 2004
It's funny you mentioned the baker's roller as a back rubber...I just had a show and my grandma bought it for that exact reason. "It'll make a great messager and it comes with a back scratcher." We all thought it was funny.


Clock Timer

Clock Timer is also great for kids timeout - clip it to them and tell them they can come out when they beep.

I have a friend who uses it for her kids reading - clips it to him and tells him he is done with his independent reading when he beeps. (He is not into reading and this eliminates the constant "Mom, Am I Done Yet??" questions.)


Mar 29, 2005
A friend asked me if the microwave rice cooker could also be used for cooking beans. Does anybody know? Thanks.



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Jan 21, 2005
rice cooker

pelamm said:
A friend asked me if the microwave rice cooker could also be used for cooking beans. Does anybody know? Thanks.


I don't know about beans but I had been asked about pasta so I called the test kitchens. They said they would not do pasta. They said it works best with rice OR you can use any packaged rice/pasta as long as it has microwave directions. I had tried pasta before they called me back and it did boil over a little but did work. I would TRY the beans at your home and see for yourself. ;)


Apr 22, 2005
more alternative uses!

Clock timer...
*we use it to track "time out" minutes for our toddler and for potty training (she pushes the button to start/stop and it keeps her sitting for a couple of minutes).
*also to take with us when we're playing outside and I've got something in the oven.

Crinkle Cutter...
*sliced up zucchini & squash and sauted w/ a little olive oil in my professional family skillet and it made "grill marks"...too cool!
Apr 5, 2005
DebPC said:

Covered Micro-Cooker Use it to brown ground beef or turkey in the microwave.
Melissa Zuhlke

I just heard that you could brown ground beef in the micro cooker this last weekend. Can anyone tell me how? Thanks!


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Feb 3, 2005
It is the ONLY way to brown ground beef...no more splatter grease mess or babysitting your stovetop.

Put your meat in the microcooker and cook for 2 minutes. Stir. Repeat...2 minutes cooking....stir. Do this until it is done. When done, turn the microcooker over to strain fat from holes.

If you don't stop to stir every 2 minutes, you'll end up with a HUGE HAMBURGER patty!

Also works great for chicken.