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  1. Hey Everybody,
    I had a show over the weekend, and one of the guests had asked me if we still have the stone that you put in your brown sugar to keep it soft. I told her I did not think so, but I would look into it for her. Does anyone know what she is talking about? Please help.

  2. I don't know nothing about the stone to keep the brown suguar soft, but I know that if you put you brown sugar in a tupperware container and put a slice of bread on top , it will keep you brown sugar soft
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    I have seen a stone that you put in your brown sugar to keep it soft. I think my pastor's wife has one. It is not Pampered Chef. I don't know what makes it work. I will try to remember where she got it and if she knows how it works.

  4. I have one of these - it's a little clay bear. You put it into your brown sugar and it absorbs any moisture and prevents your sugar from getting hard.

    To my knowledge, PC doesn't make one. You can find them in just about any kitchen store.
  5. Former consultant

    This woman said she used to be a PC consultant years ago, and that is where she got it from. I've never heard of this but thought maybe one of you have. Thanks for the input.

  6. Brown Sugar Clump Solution!

    I have a solution for clumps in your brown sugar! Use the Cheese grater, put the clumps in and it works great!
    Candy McIntyre
    Maine Consultant
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