Should I change my website name?

Discussion in 'Personal Pampered Chef Websites' started by Chef Endora, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Chef Endora

    Chef Endora Gold Member

    My website address is waaay too loooong & I want to shorten it by 7 characters. Easy enough to do, but I have a ton of stuff out there w/my existing contact info on it. I don't think going to my old web address will redirect anyone to the new address. Is this a bad idea? Everything also includes my email & phone info so they can contact me that way for direction to my website. For my customers that I have email addresses, I can send out a letter.

    Has anyone changed theirs? I would welcome your feedback/thoughts, etc.

    Maybe I could offer a discount for ordering through my website?

    Any ideas?
  2. AlowayFamily

    AlowayFamily Gold Member

    I have been thinking about the same thing. I would love to hear from anyone who has done it. I don't think we can re-direct from our current website.

    Once the website name is changed, I would not think it would be hard for customers to go to the new website. I would notify in emails, newsletters and all correspondence. Just have to make sure and catch those who have saved the website as a favorite.
  3. Chef Endora

    Chef Endora Gold Member

    Yeah, having it saved as a favorite was my concern. That's why I was thinking of offering a discount for a certain time for them to order. Or, maybe a free gift for visiting. I could mail them a SB if they contacted me via the new web address.

    What is prompting this is I am ordering thru National Pen. I am finding that customers at my shows ooh & aah when I give them a pen w/my info on it. I tell them to keep them and they always know where to reach me. Goes over REAL big and they are not as likely to toss em like they would a biz card.

    I have a lot of new hosts/customers so I should probably move on this soon.
  4. Don't really have advice on changing your email. That is a hard decision.

    I am curious what pens you are ordering. I've been thinking about ordering pens, but haven't found one I can afford & looks nice.
  5. batroark

    batroark Gold Member

    Ok, girls! I didn't know this link actually existed! I have been in the biz for nearly 5 yrs. now and on Sunday changed mine from /bepamperedbyangela (18 letters) to /angelaroark (11 letters!). I am texting everyone possible, emailing them, and I am still sending the new mini-catties out to my past hosts and I am putting a Sept-Nov. flyer inside with a bid deal on the other side talking about the change of my website name. If they go there, and email from it what their favorite recipe on my site is along with their info I am going to send them a past SB cookbook! So far I have had a several replies and they like this idea.

    But this also means I am going to have to white out all of the other endings and write my name there instead...on all my catties and papers alike, buy new stampers, and so much more. At Conference I got new biz card with my pic on it (I think a 1000 of them) and will have to repair them. I keep telling myself I am in it for the long run and it is never going to be a perfect time to do a large change like this. I am in nearly 350 shows under my belt and it is just going to grow if I wait any more.

    It will be ok.....better now than don't pay to procrastinate!....should have done this sooner!:chef:
  6. erinyourpclady

    erinyourpclady Gold Member

    I had to change own fault really but it's not like I can change my given name! It was a PITA and I will never do that again..............LOL
  7. batroark

    batroark Gold Member

    Maybe a blonde moment, but what's PITA?
  8. NooraK

    NooraK Gold Member

    Pain In The A....
  9. batroark

    batroark Gold Member

    Sorry:blushing:....I wasn't even thinking in that direction! But starting to agree!!!! I didn't realize HOW MUCH was going to be affected or have to be changed:yuck:!
  10. Sheila

    Sheila Gold Member

    If you think it will make a huge difference in the long run and be better for you, then it's best to do it as early in the business as possible. Once you get too many customers under your belt, it's going to be extremely hard to spread the word. I've only been in business about 18 months, but I'm having people contact me now who picked up a business card last year & are ready to host!!! So if you work booths, there's really no way that you will connect with all those people who didn't fill out a contact form but did pick up a business card. You know?

    The military changed the prefix for our base & it's confused a LOT of people on how to call me. If I'd have changed my web address and/or e-mail I'd be loosing out on a lot of business right now. The phone number change has been a big enough issue. :(
  11. batroark

    batroark Gold Member

    Ok, so I changed my website name last Sunday. And so far, it has been the new found abbreviation....PITA!!!!!!!!!! OMG, has it ever been crazy! I will survive though. It has, however, allowed me (or gotten me) to contact so many more than usual about the name change and draw more attention to my business and certainly my website than normal!!!! So maybe more work now will pay off eventually! ;)
  12. Chef Endora

    Chef Endora Gold Member

    I changed mine & I'm glad I did. I (gulp) anted up the expense & had new stuff printed. I went from /14 letters to /7 letters. Now it fits on things so much better. I also ordered new stuff from VistaPrint. It was a big undertaking & an expense. Contacting people and inviting them to my website has sparked some interest.
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