How does our cookware compare to those on the market

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by mminikus, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I have a past host that wants to know the difference between our Professional and executive cookware and how they compare to those you can buy in the store. I found a thread from earlier but it only compared our professional to those bought in the store. Does anyone have any info they could share. I want to do this right, because she said she is thinking about booking another show to earn cookware 1/2 off :)
  2. Have you gotten your February KCN? There is a great write up on the new cookware.
  3. I did see the Feb. KCN, and it was a great article telling all about our cookware. But I am looking for information on how our cookware compares to what you can purchase at the store.

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  4. The number one difference is that there is no other cookware on the market that has titanium as part of the construction of the metal of the pan which makes it the strongest, most durable cookware out there. It will never warp or lose its shape. The titanium cookware marketed by other brands has only a titanium coating which does not have the same benefits. To me this is the #1 selling point.

    The we had the nonstick on the inside and out and I'm sold! Makes cleanup a breeze! And don't forget the lifetime guarantee!

    The write up in the KCN as well as the spread in the new catalog are fabulous.

    As to comparing it to the professional line, I say that the professional was top of the line 5 years ago when it came out. Just like your 5 year old cell phone. And look how far cell phones have come. So for just a little more $$, why not have the best?

    Here's a couple flyers that I gathered. Hope they help!

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  5. I love the comparrison about the cell phone. When you sum it up like that it really makes sense. Thanks for in the info
  6. OUrs vs. Cephalon

    I had a guest last night who has a set of SS Cephalon (spelling?) and said she loves it. She said it is surprisingly non-stick, is oven-safe, and looks brand new even after 6 years. She was just curious about the difference between her cookware and ours. I was at a loss. Can someone help me out?

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  7. Calphalon has three lines of stainless on their website. It depends which one she has.
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