Bacon in stoneware?

Discussion in 'Products and Tips' started by deliciousdiva, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that you can bake bacon on stonewear in the oven. Is this true? Easy? Does it make a mess? Does the stone taste like bacon? My sister wants to buy one if this product is a good for bacon, Thanks!
  2. It is soooo easy! The stone won't hold in the flavor. Like it won't for other things either. That is the only way I do bacon now!

    I use the large bar pan for it and you don't have to flip it or anything. Just great tasting and crispy!
  3. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    I LOVE doing bacon in the bar pan! It comes out flat and crisp, and I don't have to stand by the stove getting splattered. Even DH is trained to use stoneware for bacon. :)
  4. How to?

    What are the steps for baking the bacon? thanks!
  5. Dawn4

    Dawn4 Gold Member

    I've never done it myself, but I've had people complain that once they cook the bacon the pan becomes so greasey that they can't clean it well. Someone told me to put parchment paper on the bottom. Any opinions on this??
  6. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    Some people line the pan with parchment paper. I don't bother. ;)

    Lay out 1 pound of bacon in the large bar pan. Strips will overlap slightly. Bake at 425F for about 20 minutes. Remove from pan.

    That's it.
    Add or subtract time, depending on how crisp you like your bacon.
  7. erinyourpclady

    erinyourpclady Gold Member

    I think everyone does it a litte bit different.
    I cooked bacon on my bar pan last night. I simply layed the bacon on the pan and stuck it in the oven. I set the oven to 350 and just waited until it looked done (sorry that is how I cook, plus new house, new oven that I need to learn!).

    Clean up is so easy......and the bacon tastes great!!

  8. chefann

    chefann Gold Member

    After you do bacon, you do need to make sure you use REALLY hot water to clean the pan, and scrub it well. I have a kitchen brush that's for stoneware ONLY (so no soap), and that's what I use to get the grease off the pan.

    I've never had a problem with anything else I cook in my bar pan tasting like bacon.

    Oh- if you find that you can't get it quite clean enough, scrub it with some baking soda. That really helps clean stones, although it can remove some of the seasoning.
  9. cmdtrgd

    cmdtrgd Gold Member

    When it comes to cleaning it, I make sure it gets completely cool (usually place it on the large chest freezer in the garage - we have cats) and then let it run under HOT water until all the bacon grease is gone, then I scrape it.
  10. I do mine in the micro on either the small bar pan or medium bar pan depending on how much I need. 1 minute per slice. Cover with a paper towel. :)
  11. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member

    The few times I did this...I lined the pan with parchment paper. Let the pan cool and lifted off the paper into the trash. Then, using the HOTTEST tap water that comes out of the faucet, scrub with the kitchen brush.

    I am one of the *FEW* that doesn't like the bacon cooked like this. I think it tastes like it's soaked in grease.

    I make my bacon in my grill pan using the press! Lay bacon out flat, put press on, once it needs turned the first time you don't need to put the press back on (it will stay flat at that point). Cooks FLAT and evenly! I hate the clean up (on the top of my stove...) but the bacon tastes soooooo much better than on the bar pan.

    **I do NOT tell customers this, since I am in the minority about this!....I tell them that the bar pan is "perfect for their bacon and will help keep their kitchen free of grease splatters!"
  12. Bacon on the bar pan is the ONLY way we cook the bacon now. My husband says it should be a sin for bacon (a food he already loved) to melt in your mouth like cotton candy!! There's no grease splatter, no constantly standing over the stove, no yelling at the kids to get away from the hot pan in case the grease pops, I love it.

    I preheat the oven to 425, put the bacon right on the pan and place in oven. Then I get the kids up, brush teeth, get dressed, then go start the eggs. Everything comes out hot and at the same time, without me babysitting it. I've baked cookies on the pan the same day and never had a bacon flavored cookie!

  13. MissChef

    MissChef Gold Member

    This is the ONLY way I make bacon now! I love, love, love :love: :love: the Bar pan for bacon and I haven't burned myself with splattering bacon in years!!! That in itself, makes me very passionate about selling bar pans! But the taste is fabulous, never had such even cooked bacon! The clean up is easy, I use parchment because it's easier but if your stone is new, I'd do the first few batches without the parchment! :thumbup: Bacon is a fabulous food to get your stone seasoned with! The oil from bacon turnes it nice and brown, okay.... mine is black!;) Another benefit is that you can put it in the oven and forget till the timer goes off and be focussing on everything else for breakfast and not worry about burning your bacon and no flipping!!:love: :D Wahoooo!
    Go for it, both you and your sister, you'll never eat bacon from a cookware pan again! :p :D
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  14. MissChef

    MissChef Gold Member

    how funny!:D :D ;) you and I were posting at the same time and our first line of our post is almost identical! Great minds think alike, I always say!:p :p :D ;) :thumbup:
  15. I'm sure you have thought about this but just in case, do you drain the bacon with paper towels. I also hate grease on my bacon, but I take each piece I eat and wrap it in a paper towel first to soak up all the grease. I do this with everything that has grease on it not just bacon.

  16. That's funny!!! I went back and saw your post and thought it was mine for a second :D :D ! Maybe it's great cooks that think alike!

  17. MissChef

    MissChef Gold Member

    Oh my! This is one of the very first posts I don't agree with you on!:( But hey, to each her own! I still love you anyway!;) :love: Do you drain your bacon on papertowels?
    I do admit though that the grill press intrigued me!;) does this help to keep it from splatter a lot, as well as keeping the bacon flat? Do tell!:)
  18. MissChef

    MissChef Gold Member

    I'll buy that!!:p :D My 11 year old son has been calling me "the best cooker ever" since he was 2 or 3! You got to love kids! He now calls me that, as our special joke! He's such a great kid! I only pray his wife, in at least 14-15 years!:p, had better know how to cook because he will send her to me and that will cause a lot of grief!:D :blushing: Us girls do not always like to here how wonderful of cooks our MIL was/is! :grumpy: :D
  19. I only make bacon on my bar now. No mess, no greasey bacon. Plus when we have guests for the weekend (which is often as none of our family live close) I can pop the bacon in when I get up and have it cooking as people get up. Since there is no flipping I am free to prep other foods.
  20. MissChef

    MissChef Gold Member

    Yikes, :eek: :D we did it again! Oh my, Jennifer, this is freaky!:blushing: :p :D
    Too darn funny!:thumbup: :D
  21. My husband is the cook in our house about 80% of the time. (I fix food for me and Lucy (when he is at work) and for my shows) so when I received the bar pan and read on here about fixing bacon on it - I told him this. He LOVES bacon - okay I do, so he fixes the bacon all the time, so the next time he fixed bacon he use the bar pan and he was hooked. I asked him to clean the bar pan as soon as it gets cool because I had to make brownies in it (for a dessert I was making for a show) and he said NO WAY. The odor would get into the brownies - Well of course I had to prove him wrong, so as soon as he was done, I made brownies, when done and while still warm I gave him one small piece, he was amazed, then when it was nice and cooled, gave him another piece - he said after it sets there it would soak up the bacon odor - or maybe he just wanted more brownies - so after that brownie he was even more amazed.

    One more thng, I can make any dessert you have a recipe for and it will turn out perfect, but for brownies, that is another story, until I got the bar pan, the bar pan is amazing for brownies also. NO MORE HARD EDGES. It amazing, they are so good. I do make brownies at least once a month for my family - before the bar pan, I would have to ask someone else to do this because every time before they NEVER turned out, you couldn't eat them, they were always very nasty.

    I think, if you like/LOVE bacon/brownies. then this pan is for you.

  22. This is the best thing ever!! I have sold sooooo many bar pans because I have told people about the baked bacon. I think I posted on another thread that asked what do you sell the most of or something like that. Well, this is it. The large bar pan. Oh, and the small one, I tell people you can make two perfect burgers in their toaster oven in 15 minutes. Sells like hotcakes!!
  23. FYI the Selling the Collections CD talks about dong the bacon on parchment paper in 400 degree-oven for 20 minutes in the bar pan. That's how I do it, and it's pretty perfect! I've cooked on it since then and no lingering smells.
  24. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Gold Member

    Every time I see a big discussion on this, I get to feeling like I need to try the bacon in the bar pan again...perhaps I will give it ONE more try. I am pretty sure I drained it on paper towels....but I am not totally sure! :blushing: I REALLY want to like the bacon that way, since it is soooooooo less time consuming and less messy!!

    The press really did seem to cut down on the splatter quite a bit! There really was only a few splatters on my stove when I was done...and I could have put them there when I was flipping the bacon over!

    So, I guess I will need to give the bacon on the LBP one more try and go from there! If I still don't like it, that's MY problem, right? :D And if I don't like it...I already have a good backup plan by using the grill press!!
  25. I like the bacon on the bar pan, but now that the splatter screen is coming out we should have one more option for the top of the stove--whether it is for bacon or burgers or whatever. When I do burgers on the grill pan, the splatter mess, even with the grill press, is pretty bad. I'm curious to see how the screen will work, and wonder if it will fit over the grill press and grill pan together. (maybe I should send in my sample order so I can find out!)
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