Any promo codes for Town and Country?

Discussion in 'Quick Tips' started by pc_am1, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Hello All. I just signed my consultant agreement today and I am looking at ordering business cards from Town and County or possibly the basic starter package and I was just wondering if anyone had a promo code I could use to save a little money since I haven't made any yet.

  2. I've never ordered business cards through Town & Country - in the beginning I made my own but I know use a company called Vista Print and get my cards for the cost of S&H only. I believe I paid about $10 for 250 cards. You can visit them online at

    They have several designs you can choose from and you just type in your information.
  3. I don't have a promo code, but if you go with town and country, I would suggest one of the starter packages. here are the 2 options:
    1000 Traditional Business cards
    1 stamp (I think it's only line 2 line)
    1 stamp pad
    1 vinyl card case w/logo
    1 engraved name badge
    $42.95 US $52.88 CAN

    500 Full Color Business cards (125 of ea. design)
    1 self inking stamp (3 or 4 lines + required information)
    1 personalized card case (metal and engraved)
    1 Engraved name badge
    $49.95 US/ $61.50 CAN

    I picked the deluxe because the cards are a lot nicer to look at, it seems to draw people in better. I only suggest these as your first order so you can get the stamp for your catalogs and such and it has enough to get you started. I hope this helps and I'm sorry I don't have a promo code...I really wish I did!
  4. I got my business cards through VistaPrint too. I paid $5.95 for shipping. It was supposed to be like 21 day shipping, but I think I had them within a week or so. For the price, I can deal with having their little one line ad on the back. I also got my self-inking stamps from I got a return address stamp, a bottle of ink and a stamp with my name, Consultant number, phone number, email address and website url. The two stamps and bottle of ink only cost me $19.99 including shipping.

    I spent a year writing all my info on my catalogs and order forms and let me tell you, having the self inking stamp has been a life saver! I can get 25 catalogs stamped in about the same amount of time it took me to write everything on 5. Order forms are a little trickier since I'm obsessive and I stamp my info on all three sheets but it still doesn't take me much time at all and my hand doesn't hurt afterwards.
  5. I just reordered my business cards through Town & Country. I included my web site address and new email on the card. Their embossed, full-color cards are a great value.
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