13.5 pound turkey

Discussion in 'Recipes and Tips' started by its_me_susan, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know how long this needs to cook? Hee hee... I only make turkeys once a year, never remember...

  2. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Gold Member

    Rule of thumb...20 minutes per pound!!;)
  3. stephanieboyd

    stephanieboyd Gold Member

    Depends on how you are cooking it. The way I do it on the grill, 10-15 minutes per pound. I assume Ginger's answer is based on baking??
  4. crystalscookingnow

    crystalscookingnow Gold Member

    Straight from FoodNetwork.com:

    For a 13-pound, frozen and defrosted, turkey, average cooking time is: 3 hours, 15 minutes at 350 degrees. This is an un-stuffed turkey.

    A note on stuffing: Be careful when cooking your turkey with stuffing inside. To kill harmful bacteria, the stuffing must reach 180 degrees F. If your bird is done but the stuffing hasn't reached the proper temperature, transfer the stuffing to a dish and cook separately. Better yet, don't stuff--make dressing instead.

    You can use a calculator at foodnetwork.com & it even tells you when to put the turkey in the oven! :)
  5. In our roasting pan of course. *wink*

    Thanks ladies!
  6. stephanieboyd

    stephanieboyd Gold Member

    I use the roasting pan on the grill, since it's on low!! I wouldn't pass up using that for anything in the world!! That roasting pan and the meat lifters made my life so much easier!!! ;)
  7. Anyone ever cook a turkey in the rectangular stone baker?
  8. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Gold Member

    I have not, but I'm SURE it will come out fine...;)
  9. stephanieboyd

    stephanieboyd Gold Member

    I think there was a thread about that very method last week sometime. I don't remember the name of it though.
  10. I did my boneless turkey breasts in the deep covered baker in the microwave yesterday (I'm apparently the one who will be making and bringing the turkey every year for Thanksgiving at MIL's house and wasn't sure if her microwave would be big enough for the DCB). Took each one nearly an hour in my super-powered microwave, but they came out perfectly! :D

    I've got 1 more turkey breast in the fridge to cook up for my "famous turkey salad" (my kids' words) tomorrow. :D
  11. Mine was 12 lbs and I cooked it almost 4 hours. Of course, I am sure by now you have already cooked yours, ha!:D
  12. Nope - I do the day-after feast :)
    Much more casual
  13. AWESOME!!!! Shoot, wish my 13 pounder was smaller now! LOL
  14. mary k

    mary k Silver Member


    I always cook my turkey during the night. I put my turkey on at about 8:00 p.m and cook on 275 all night long. I always butter the ouside of my turkey and make sure I cover it with foil.:)
  15. AJPratt

    AJPratt Silver Member

    Sorry I didn't see this yesterday!

    I do what my Mom did: Butter it, Cover it in foil and cook it at 450 and uncover the last half hour. For an 11 pound turkey, it was done in 2.5 hours and FABULOUS!

    That comes from an old cookbook that they don't even feature that cooking method in the current edition.
  16. I wouldn't be able to sleep.... happens with my crockpot. :)
  17. That sounds good too!

    I covered in olive oil and our rosemary seasoning. Stuffed with (what I had in the house) an onion, orange and head of garlic... poured in some chicken broth at bottom of the pan (got this from my famous garlic chicken recipe) and put in just now 325 to cook 3 hours or until digital themometer alerts me... Wish me luck!

    Can I cook stuffing in the same oven (not really alot of room) - or can I make it in the nuker or toaster oven????

  18. 22.5 pound turkey

    I cooked a 22.5 lb turkey for Thanksgiving!! I had to feed 6 adults and five children, plus I wanted leftovers for everyone!!

    It was a butterball, and it took 5 hours and 30 minutes on 325 degrees and it was stuffed!! It would have been one hour less without stuffing, but who doesn't like stuffing!!

    I woke up at 5:30 am to turn on the oven and my husband stuck the giant turkey in.

    It was yummy and ready by 11:20 am. We ate by 12:15. I made a pecan pie, a pumpkin pie and a strawberry cheesecake!! My mother in law made her yummy peach and sour cream pies!

    My sister in law tried but hers were raw!! LOL She wasn't too happy about that but considering she is really mean and nasty to us, she deserved it!

    Debbie :D
  19. Here's a question for everyone.... you make your turkey, does the bottom of the pan always get all burnt up? I added orange juice to the pan after 2 hours. My turkey was delicious! My digital themometer doesn't seem to work suddenly (it went off after only about an hour ~ um, I doubt it was at 165 degrees, what is with that?)....

    Do you make the gravy with that burnt up stuff (I always hear you add chicken broth and whisk it)???
  20. 3 years ago my BIL who is the master Chef for the marriot company made, and I am not kidding here, a 22.5 lb turkey, and it was BONELESS! He De-boned it and cookied it whole...it was amazing, so moist. Not stuffed, just baked in the oven with olive oil, garlic, onion, rosemary, sage, pepper, salt and cayanne. MMMMMMMMM....I wish I would have watched him do it...I guess it is a trade secret.
  21. When I was in culinary school, our chef did this in front of us. It was AMAZING to see it done. And he went about it so quickly and skillfully, we were all dumbstruck. Doubt that I will ever attain that level of skill, but i keep practicing on chickens!
  22. Do you make the gravy with that burnt up stuff (I always hear you add chicken broth and whisk it)???

    A few years ago I got a great recipe fpr gravy and I use it every year, it is a huge hit. i got it for the Woman's Day website...It is called Make-ahead turkey gravy. I usually make it a few weeks ahead and freeze it. No worries about the burnt stuff!!!Good luck!
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