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Help- Need some brainstorming


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May 24, 2005
Hi All--

I need some help! :( I signed up with PC in July and had 3 bookings for that month. I figured that was good, since I had my own kitchen show for the neighbors here in my neighborhood - new neighborhood, new state for me, I literally know one person (my husband's cousin's wife) who lives two towns over. She had the first show and I got 2 bookings from her show- one for August and one for September. I started great with a $625 show. Then I hit a wall-- my next two hosts (who I met at my new full time job) postponed on me, and while one rescheduled for August the other is avoiding me (and I'm not even pushy) Then the host that had scheduled for Saturday e-mailed me today to cancel---well postpone until next month or after because her husband hurt his back and is in bed. And I had hoped to sneak a booking in from her show in the meantime.

I delayed my SS month from July to August, but now I've got to push for August and this cancelation is a setback. I plan on having one more show in my home (for the other half of the neighborhood I didn't invite the first time around) and I plan on e-mailing people back home about my website, but I need bookings here, I need them now and I'm exhausting the few people I have met since I've been here---only been here since March.

Any ideas????

Help please! :(


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Oct 5, 2004
Keep your chin up....summer bookings can be tricky, but it sounds like you're working in the right direction to overcome some of your hurdles!

Can you bring catalogs to work and leave them in a lunch room to collect orders for a catalog show? Better still, see if you can do an express show (20-30 minutes) for your co-workers, with a no-bake recipe. Either way, you'll be planting seeds for fall bookings! And definitely plan on that show at your home for the rest of your neighbors. When I moved into my home last year, I found that I had the most success when I personally spoke to those neighbors I invited.

Good luck and keep us posted!



Jun 6, 2005
Check the paper for any fairs or event you could get into, you could get some leads from that. Make flyers and leave them at the grocery store bulletin board, YMCA. Bring catalogs and talk with bank tells or Personal banks and see if one of them would put together some orders for a show and get some free items. I've done the dentist, doctor's offices but you need to check and see if it is ok. Some only allow with the staff and not the reception area. Offer to do an express show for a lunch hour at different offices if they allow it. Car dealerships in the waiting area, any place you go. If the time is right, bring it up at the grocery store and see were that will lead you. Make sure you have catalogs with you and business cards all the time. Get the small new product book that will help get fall shows. Sporting events could be good as well as schools. Keep the eyes and ears open. Hope that helps. Good Luck. Both my shows rescheduled for July and I was going to miss my incentives and my customers came thru. I got enought orders to have two small shows and receive the 2 baskets since I attended conference and my charm. It was close I had 7 days to do it in and my PC friends came thru. What a wonderful feeling that is. You can do it. Let us know how its going.
:) :) :)


Jul 6, 2005
I have heard the same

I also have heard the same from my cluster a few women who are usaully our power house sellers just barely got there two shows in this month. I have heard a lot of cancelations form people as well. I think summer is tough.
Like the other have said look for craft shows and flea markets , offer a prize and get them to fill out the door prize slips and then follow up with phone calls. I have been offering a small incentive an aditional $10.00 in free products for hosting a show, with the hosts discount i dont even spend $10.00. To me i think it is worth the $10.00 to get a show !
Just a few ideas ! Dont give up it will all come together ! :)


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Mar 29, 2005
Hey Annie! Do keep your chin up because I KNOW you can do it! I hit a wall in June and that was my last SS Month. I knew I needed big sales so that's when I offered the priced of the day promotion. I offered anything in the catalog @ $28 so my host ended up picking the food chopper and I paid $1.95 for the host and she paid $18. It turned out to be an $1547 show so needless to say it was way worth the $2! Try doing that promo and see if anyone bites!

Did you get your computer yet? :)