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  1. pc_jessica

    Do you cook for an entire week - all in the same day?

    i cook a WHOLE MONTH'S meals in one day and then freeze them... I use Once A Month Cooking | Once A Month Mom and she comes up with recipes and such for you to use and it is all free. It takes me about 9 hours to do this but it is soooo worth it!!! I am cooking this coming Friday again and will...
  2. pc_jessica

    Disney world experts

    ooo where did you decide to stay at???
  3. pc_jessica

    Cute Christmas Treats

    OMG that is sooo crazy...my girls group at church that i lead had a bakesale and two of the girls made the Holiday Mice!! they are super cute in person and they were a great seller!!!!
  4. pc_jessica

    Christmas Eve/Day Dinner

    Lets see Christmas Eve we always go to my parents house for dinner which is Cheesy Enchilda Soup. Then we go to Christmas Eve Candlight Service after that we go look at Christmas lights around town then go to my aunts and uncles house to open presents with that side and have desserts. Christms...
  5. pc_jessica

    My hubby got unexpected bonus!

    wow thats great!!!! and your hubby is great!!
  6. pc_jessica

    Disney world experts

    I love Disney!!! I have been there quite a few times with my family and then with friends later in Highschool/collge. I am still trying to work DH up to going this coming summer! Anyways... I can not stress enough STAY ON SITE AT DISNEY!! I have stayed off site and it was awful...traffic...
  7. pc_jessica

    Fire- Need Christmas $- current and retired

    please send me a list as well [email protected] so sorry to hear about your fire.
  8. pc_jessica

    LOTS FOR SALE: Hanging up Apron

    Bumping still have stuff left!!! the first post in the thread has been updated with all items left....i still have some of the current catalog items left as well.
  9. pc_jessica

    What are YOU asking for for Christmas?

    ummm lets see since it is just DH and I...I loaded up my list lol DS Lite game system 2 Games from said DS Lite Pajamas VS gift certificate Massage Gift Certificate Gift Certificate to get new jeans a couple movies and DH always surprises me with things I never asked for but things I...
  10. pc_jessica

    LOTS FOR SALE: Hanging up Apron

    the sale did go through! sorry.
  11. pc_jessica

    LOTS FOR SALE: Hanging up Apron

  12. pc_jessica

    Christmas Baking Thread....

    Well my baking list is on the small side this year as well...mainly just beacuse I realized that I was spending about $100 or more on baking supplies for family eek!!! So I am making: Puppy Chow Oreo Truffles Mint Chocolate Bark Toffee Bars and that is it!!!
  13. pc_jessica

    FOR SALE: HWC items

    bumping again...trying to get rid of these :)
  14. pc_jessica

    Vegas here we Come!!

    thanks for all the advice...i can't wait to go. we are waiting til about jan. to book the hotel to see if any good deals surface anywhere else. as for the mailing lists i have gotten on a few so hopefully they will send some great stuff our way as well!!
  15. pc_jessica

    LOTS FOR SALE: Hanging up Apron

    Updated list again...some sales fell through.