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  1. PamperedDor

    Silly question... is the grinding mechanism suppose to fall out the

    Silly question... is the grinding mechanism suppose to fall out the bottom? I went to refill my salt grinder and the entire steel poll, white grinding thingy came out of the grinder... I cant figure out how to get it to stay in?? Help!:yuck:
  2. PamperedDor

    Sugar/flour shaker

    ughhhh nevermind.... I found it! LOL
  3. PamperedDor

    Sugar/flour shaker

    I have a quick question - is the flour shaker discontinued? I can't find it in the catty and don't remember if it was discontinued!
  4. PamperedDor

    Lost my job yesterday

    Continuing to Pray for you Danielle - stay strong!
  5. PamperedDor

    Prep-bowl door prizes

    I gave it to them at their show... In host coaching I would even kind of ask if they liked Hershey kisses or something else (give them options!) if they were on a restricted diet, cheap tealights... get creative and keep it cheap but nice! :)
  6. PamperedDor

    Prep-bowl door prizes

    i used to give them to the host as a thank you gift when I started my shows.. filled them with Hershey Kisses (bought in bulk at Costco or BJS) and my business card in a clear plastic bag... it was the first item I talked about.. right during my introduction... during closing of the show, I...
  7. PamperedDor

    ISO- Rotary Grater Measuring Cup

    I have one New in the plastic - never used - PM if you are interested! :)
  8. PamperedDor

    I've entered the CS Poster Protection Program!

    Me three! No clue whats going on... So Sorry there was drama - that is not what this board is about! Hope all is well! :)
  9. PamperedDor

    New Products

    Love the Round up trivet!!! AND the new bowls!!!
  10. PamperedDor

    New Products

    anyone know if the spice turn about is plastic or bamboo???
  11. PamperedDor

    Need opinions--sorry I needed to vent

    I agree with Scott.... Maybe she needs a great leader to show her the success of DS companies... YOU would be awesome!
  12. PamperedDor

    Thai red curry rub

    I have done what Keith does, but without the honey.....hmmmm I must try it with the honey!!! I took some EVOO and the rub in a ziploc bag and thru some shrimp and scallops and then grilled in the grill basket - Delish!
  13. PamperedDor

    First Cruise

    Dina - went to Alaska last year on a cruise (go look at some of my pics on my FB page) let me know if you need any suggestions! LOVED it!! Which line are you going on??
  14. PamperedDor

    Urgent BROTHER-IN-LAW is missing

    Said a prayer at church today! Will continue to pray for a safe return !!
  15. PamperedDor

    AMEX Cards

    Did you double check the info on the cards - make sure you put the numbers in correctly (I sometimes transpose numbers!) DID they fill in the numbers or did you? Double check the numbers and the exp date! (and don't we need zip codes now?)