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  1. chefHLM

    Wheeling WV

    I believe it would be about an hour also...but don't quote me on it! LOL I know from where our meetings are in Austintown, OH it takes 50 min. to an hour to get to Wheeling, WV.
  2. chefHLM

    Wheeling WV

    I don't know how far your recruit would be willing to go but my HD is about an hour from Wheeling, she's in Ohio, and she is AWESOME!!! IDk what I would do with out her! She has been in the biz for close to 11 yrs. and earned Mexico last year! If your recruit is interested send me a PM and I...
  3. chefHLM

    Ooh! Ooh! Mini-Catalog Labels!

    3 1/3 x 4 I think Avery sells this size
  4. chefHLM

    DCB microwave size requirements

    I just had a show on Friday that I could have used this info for...I took my microwave just in case and it was a good thing I did!!!
  5. chefHLM

    New Fall Theme Shows

    I'm the same way...I don't do many dessert shows so the Sweet Favorites theme did not thrill me. I LOVED the Comfort Foods theme show! I'm picking up things tomorrow to try out the Loaded Baked Potato Chowder...it looks delicious! I can't wait for the rest of the recipes to be put up on CC! I...
  6. chefHLM

    Full Service Checkout

    Do you talk to your hosts during HC and tell them you will need a separate area for your checkout? Somewhere that is close but not too close to where you do your demonstration. That way they will be prepared to have an area cleared and ready for you. Also, I do the same thing about taking the...
  7. chefHLM

    Outlet products

    Don't quote me here, but I believe that the outlet specials are while supplies last and each item stays on the outlet until it's sold out. I don't check the outlet as often as I should but I think it's updated every 2-3 months with products being added.
  8. chefHLM

    Helping hand and 1st shows for the new recruit

    I've never heard of it before, but it sounds like a great idea! Please let us know it how works out!
  9. chefHLM

    First Cooking Show tonight!!

    Congrats!!! That is awesome!! Don't worry about the mistakes, no one is perfect! Sounds like you did a terrific job host coaching and at the show itself!
  10. chefHLM

    First Cooking Show tonight!!

    Relax, be yourself, and have FUN! That is the most important thing! My first show was for my sister and her friends and I was a nervous wreck, I told them I was nervous so if I stuttered or drew a blank that would have to bear with me. At the end of the show one of her friends from work that I...
  11. chefHLM

    What would you do in this case?

    I take my laptop (I have a "tiny" Acer that fits in my purse), not only for tallying orders, but also so that my check out is faster, I have no problem talking and typing, but can't write, add, and talk at the same time LOL. Especially when there are 10+ people at a show all trying to rush you...
  12. chefHLM

    Bookings binder?

    Well, just got home from my show. It's almost at $300 in sales, and she's working on getting a few more outside orders by Tuesday when I close her out, and 3 bookings! I think I may use my binder...one thing I realized half way through was I was missing the page of all of the booking benefits...
  13. chefHLM

    Song they played at conferance

    HAHA...I've had that song in my head for a week now LOL. Just the music though, can't remember the words. I'd like to have it too if anyone finds it!
  14. chefHLM

    Bookings binder?

    I plan on using it during my opening, just a quick highlight of the pages, not too much detail. I'm pretty much going to use it as a visual and a kind of hidden script for myself. Then I will let them pass it around and let everyone look at what ever pages that intrigued them the most. Also...
  15. chefHLM

    Bookings binder?

    As far as past hosts go...I did one $500 show, one $800 show, and one $1000 show...listed what benefits they received, what they paid, what their savings were by hosting, and put product pics of what they received.