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Discussion in 'Quick Tips' started by PC Nut, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Had a new customer purchase the Stoneware Muffin Pan and she hates it. She has made cupcakes in it twice and has sprayed it both times and the dang cupcakes stick and don't come out. Shouldn't you season it first before use? I'll have to read up on this again. I have forgotten but thought you all could advise before I put alot of research on this.
  2. susanr613

    susanr613 Gold Member

    What works best for me with muffins and cupcakes is to brush the cups with melted butter or margerine. Spray oil just doesn't work as well.

    I have used my stone twice and the second time was better than the first.

    Good luck!
  3. LeslieSGI

    LeslieSGI Gold Member

    Another tip for both the muffin pan and the mini fluted pan -- make your favorite meat loaf mixture and fill the muffin cups with it and bake. Cooks faster than a whole meatloaf and everyone gets there own little meatloaf cupcake. Seasons the pan really well and gets your stoneware off to a great non-stick start. ​
  4. chefpenny99

    chefpenny99 Gold Member

    Even though it is stoneware, I still use the paper liners. I like the stoneware for the way it cooks the muffins but I use the liners so they just lift out and I don't have to clean the stone (unless one is filled too full and goes over the edge).
  5. Thanks all for your tips. I'll share this with her...
  6. pamperedval

    pamperedval Gold Member

    Have her try some of the above tips - but if they don't work she has a defective stone. I had a past host/good customer that loves the stones and she got a muffin pan that just wouldn't release anything she tried to make in it.

    After talking to HO and trying all the previous tips (i.e. rubbing oil on it or butter etc.) it still didn't work. I guess sometimes they are lemons.

    She finally returned it and the new one is fine.
  7. scottcooks

    scottcooks Gold Member

    do a file search for seasoning stoneware. My idea of seasoning it like grandma's cast iron is a little controversial, but does work. Search or PM me for details.

    Otherwise, bake something with a high oil content - refrigerator biscuits, bacon (roll them and "line" the inside of the cup), meatloaf.

    Use a refrigerator cookie dough, press it with the tart shaper or a shot glass to make "cookie cups" then fill them with fruit, mousse, pudding, something.

    Doing about 2 of these will season your stone.

    (I had my own stone crack in half and am working on getting it replaced)
  8. pampermejolene

    pampermejolene Gold Member

    did the customer use the kitchen spritzer? I've heard of getting bad results with aerosols like Pam, etc. I would tell her to try again, using the pasty brush and oil. Good luck!
  9. I do all my baking in our stoneware. I ALWAYS use PAM or PAM with flour (now called "baking spray"). After baking, I set the stone on the cooling rack and SET MY CLOCK/TIMER FOR 10 MINUTES. At that point I take the item out of the stoneware and set it on the cooling rack to cool completely. As sugars cool, they caramelize and stick to the stone or any bakeware for that matter thus making it difficult (or impossible) to remove the item. I never have a problem with muffins sticking, but as I said "only alllow them to cool 10minutes in the stone".
  10. A cool tip to pass on: turn the muffin pan over and wrap the cups with bread dough, ta-daa! You have homemade bread bowls for soup or chillie. I always get a few ohhs & ahhs on that one.
  11. OOh Crystal, I like your idea.
  12. Crystal - great idea!!! I was just reading about the soup and slipper party idea, that would be perfect to make for the smashed potato soup.
  13. Honestly guys, it wasn't mine. It was a tip at a party I attended as a guest in 2003(?) I don't remember the consultant's name, but I loved the tip so much I bought the stone.
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