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  1. Tropicalburstqt2

    Tropicalburstqt2 Gold Member

    For my younger sister's sweet 16, I plan on getting her a pandora type charm bracelet & a few charms. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I do want to get a quality gift. I've looked at brighton, pandora, & charmed memories, but have no idea which would be best or what others to consider. Help!! What should I get?
  2. Teresa Lynn

    Teresa Lynn Gold Member

    Brighton lasts forever (check and see if you have a Brighton outlet near you)
    or James Avery is another good choice
  3. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Gold Member

    I just got a Brighton bracelet and it is very classic but there are also lots of charms to add on that would make it a fun gift for any age.
  4. kam

    kam CS Leader Staff Member

    I have both - but they are different quality, imo.

    The Pandora is real silver. You can stay within the $25-45 price range for the charms (unless you start getting into the gold, then they are REALLY $$$$). It is a really nice piece to have and add to over the years.

    I love my Brighton, too. But I don't think it is real silver. I am not positive, but it might be silver OVER something. But, the Brighton has some really neat necklaces and bracelets that I wear all the time. I have a few Brighton beads to wear on my leather necklaces. Some of my favorite necklaces are Brighton. I have had them for about 5 years and they are still in nice condition.

    I like both, but they are different, in my mind.

    I have been getting Pandora beads for years now, and I have a pretty full bracelet. But, when I translate that to how much $ I have on my wrist ($25/$35/$45 times the number of beads) I am careful where I wear it.

    How careful is your sister with jewelry? That might be your determining factor.
  5. Tropicalburstqt2

    Tropicalburstqt2 Gold Member

    Thanks for all of your replies. I'm looking inot the brighton. They have a special where you buy $50 of beads & get a free bracelet. Seems like a pretty good deal. I'm still interested in any input you have tho.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out!! I love that they have state charms, I may have to get some for each state I've lived :)
  7. Teresa Lynn

    Teresa Lynn Gold Member

    Also, do you want something that is fun and trendy (the colors and designs on the beads) now or more "plain" and will be worn forever? I know now keys are on many pieces of jewelry but how long will that trend continue.
    James Avery will always be in style and literally I still wear pieces from 20 years ago
  8. I never heard of Pandora till I went on Spree trip to Chicago. That was my "bling" I purchased to remind myself that I earned the trip. I bought the bracelet and a charm. When I earned the trip to Maui, I purchased the palm tree with gold coconuts on it. I am hunting for the right charm for earning directorship.

    I went with Pandora as I am allergic to metal and I can wear sterling and gold.

    I also show it to guests at shows when I am talking about PC!
  9. Pandora all the way! They are made with either .925 sterling silver or 14k gold. They are nice nice pieces. There are a lot of copy-cats out there, but the real stuff is always the best! I have a Pandora bracelet (thanks to hubby for our 7th anniversary last year), my Director recently got one too, but my upline director in Hawaii has had one for years. We had all pitched in to purchase her new charms every year as a "Thank You" from our team. She loves her bracelet! I think for our cluster, Pandora is a significant thing for us. :thumbup::D

    But, if you go Pandora - beware of fakes out there! I'd go to an authorized Pandora retailer (doesn't have to be a Pandora store per se, but a jewelry store that has an actual Pandora display/rep, etc).
  10. CK- I'd love to figure out a charm for Director too! The one we had gotten C in Hawaii they don't have anymore I don't think. I love the idea of sharing your bracelet at shows! I think it's great to show visuals of what we have earned/accomplished!
  11. I have Chamilia. Company - Chamilia USA

    They only use real silver and gold, and murano glass and swarovski crystals. They have the only contract with Disney. Not that I have any Disney on my bracelet, but it could be important to a teen, I suppose.

    Honestly, I didn't chose it, it was a gift to me. I'm not crazy about it. It's very high quality. I just hate having a bangle bracelet on. I would have prefered the other style, which they also sell. Also, I think I'm too old for a charm bracelet. Mine doesn't have charms, just pretty beads. I see women twice my age with them, but I don't know. I guess this trend was never really my thing. It wouldn't matter who the designer was. I would prefer fine jewelry, personally. But, I'm twice the age of your sister!

    I've worn my bracelet twice, fwiw. It's beautiful. It had lovely thought behind it. It's just horribly uncomfortable. Get the other kind of bracelet... the one that is flexible. I think all the companies make both.
  12. Chamilia! I love those charms...been looking through the catalog...They have a cruise ship! May get that when I earn cruise.

    @hmolah - Chamilia has a charm called circle of friends. That might be perfect for directorship as we are all in this together and we grow very close being a team!
  13. Or maybe the letter D for director?
  14. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    I have Troll (brother to the guy who started Pandora) and I love mine. I think that Chamilla is the sister to Pandora and Troll....keeping it in the!!!
  15. Thanks Linda! Those look great too! I guess it is okay to mix them up...I like all three companies!
  16. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    from what my friend told me - if you want to mix them then get the Troll bracelet - all of these beads (including Brighton) will fit the Troll bracelet, but the other bracelets may only fit their beads.
  17. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    I haven't looked at the others - but several of my friends tell me that they like the Troll clasps best too
  18. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Gold Member

    This is mine - it's all Troll

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