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Discussion in 'Bookings' started by ChefAndiHV, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. ChefAndiHV

    ChefAndiHV Gold Member

    I would like to go around to my neighbors and surrounding homes to ask for possible show bookings. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should bring. Do I just bring a mini catalog or a regular catalog? Does anyone have a flyer I could use to explain to the neighbors who I am and what I am looking for?
    Thanks !!
  2. Pampered Jean

    Pampered Jean Gold Member

    Just search the files here....I found several that were very useful!
  3. ChefAndiHV

    ChefAndiHV Gold Member

    Thanks for the info.
  4. I'm getting started and I was thinking of doing the very same thing!! I wanted to put some flyers in people's mailboxes around my neighborhood so I could get more bookings. However, my Director told me that most people who don't know who I am will not want to contact me and it would kind of be a waste of time.
    I disagree with her, somewhat. I live in an area where there hasn't been a Pampered Chef consultant around in MONTHS!! I think many people (who are PC fans) would be excited to see that there is a consultant nearby and they will want to book a show. What do ya'll think?
  5. I think covering the neighborhood is a great idea and we are thinking of doing the same thing. However just a warning it is illegal to put anything in a mailbox if it isn't mailed, so I would put a flier in the fence or put mini catalogs in a bag on their doors and avoid putting anything in mailboxes.
  6. Hmm...Is that the law in ALL states because I don't ever remember hearing anything like that here in AZ and I have lived here almost my whole life!

    Thanks for letting me know though! That's something I need to look into.
  7. when i moved with a different direct sales company, i made flyers and put them in all the mailboxes in my new neighborhood saying i would do an open house. I put out over 300 flyers. The next day I got half of them back from the mailman, he collected every one he saw and put them in my box. I thought ok, half are still out there, unforunately i didn't know which half he collected to re hand out. So had everything prepped the night of my open house and not one single person showed....

    not to discourage you, but strangers will not come
  8. All mailboxes say something to the effect of "property of the United States Postal Service". they may or may not take them, but it is illegal none the less.
  9. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Gold Member

    People who haven't had a direct personal contact with you, or been referred to you by someone they know, will not call you to book a show. It doesn't matter if they haven't had a PC consultant in the area (and how would you know this, anyway - since PC doesn't give out statistics concerning consultants?) if they've never met you, they aren't going to call you because of a flyer.

    Not trying to be mean - but I've done it, and so has everyone else here when they were a newbie...never heard of it working for anyone! Personal, direct contact is the BEST way to book parties.
  10. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    Yes- it's Federal Law....That's why many folks will put it on the flag, or some other way. My box has a newspaper box on the bottom.

    As a side note....I've done flyers before- in my small neighborhood (about 70 homes). I got one show out of it once, which led to another....but then her friend/a guest signed up as a consultant (not with me), so it was short-lived.

    I may put some of my extra old catalogs with a 1/2 page flyer in mailboxes, but I'm not wasting money on them, nor am I going to do any future "open houses" with my neighborhood, etc. It's never amounted to anything worthwhile, and just cost me lots of $$$.

    You never know. If it doesn't cost you alot of money, and you are willing to try- why not. :) Good luck.
    Other options (which I've not yet done myself, but have heard others have great success) - is Pampering a Business. There are a few great threads on the topic- just do a search on it or look in the Sales forum. Once you find one, look at the bottom of the screen for more threads of similar topic.
  11. she's not asking about putting out flyers, she said she was going to go around and talk to people and is asking what types of things she needs to have with her to hand out.
    I agree, she may not have great results, but if she doesn't know anyone in the area, and she gets one show booked, that could be all it takes to start her carreer.
  12. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    Yes- I noticed that the OP didn't ask about that. Someone else mentioned the flyers/mailbox further down the thread.

    I'm not brave enough to do "cold-calls", so can't offer any advice on that aspect from personal experience. But if I COULD do that - Maybe just introducing yourself, without the expectation or sales pitch? Offer them a couple of great summer recipes that are quick and easy. make it about THEM. Let the conversation start, and see where it takes you. That would be my approach (if I had the nerve :D)
  13. Ok, that person would have been me and I apologize for leading this post in a different direction. So, ChefAndiHV, I am sorry for taking the attention off your original question. :(

    I wish you luck in trying to expand your business. I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I too, am not brave enough to do "cold-calls." ;)

    Can't believe I had no idea the whole "putting things in a mailbox" is illegal!! Darn... :( Guess I will just have to think of something else.
  14. Bill Faber

    Bill Faber Gold Member

    I know that recently one of consultants on here did that in a neighborhood if you go back and look its on here. Probably two months or so Feb maybe. But I think your key if your going to do this is not putting in in the mailbox. Do it at a time when people are home and talk to people. Contact with a person is so much more vital then a flyer. When I get a flyer I just put it with all my junk mail. But if someone comes to the door I think I am more likely to listen and maybe even be intersted in what they are selling. You might get someone who would be interested in booking that way. Just my Humble Opinion.
  15. pampchefsarah

    pampchefsarah Gold Member

    I think the majority of the population doesn't know this, so don't feel bad. Now that you know, you can avoid any repercussion.
  16. When I first started, I went around my neighbourhood and dropped mini cats and flyers off on each doorstep. I bought the plastic bags from Merrill and hung them on door knobs. Just 100 of them and I only hit 3 streets in my area. The only thing I've noticed that I may have gotten is one person subscribe to my newsletter.

    Just last week, I had an Avon lady show up at my door to introduce herself and drop off a catalog. I already have a few friends who sell Avon so I said "no thankyou". After she left, a light bulb went off and I asked myself why I wasnt doing the same thing. I think my number one reason for not doing it though is because I work from home I get constant solicitors at my door all day long and I hate to be bugged in the evening when its my family time. But has anyone else done this and gotten great results from it??
  17. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    Don't apologize! We all do it. :) And it's a good question.
  18. If only I had the nerve!! Maybe when I keep on meeting more people and getting out of my shell I will be able to do that, but right now...I dunno... :confused:
  19. ChefAndiHV

    ChefAndiHV Gold Member

    WOW !!!! I must say thank you for all of the comments made on this thread. I too am a little nervous about going to door to door, but I am trying to get my business jump started and thought visiting with the neighbors might work. I realize now I may have had unrealistic expectations, but you never know until you try right ??
  20. pampchefsarah

    pampchefsarah Gold Member

    ChefAndiHV, I hope you DO try. I'd love to hear the results. Maybe it will inspire me to get out of my shell more.
  21. I think that handing out personal invitations to neighbors is a good option. Also you can practice recipes and bring them as gifts to the neighbors. My neighbors love this! I personally don't have the nerve to do the cold call type invites. I am too shy for that. I do wear logo wear and carry the PC ribbon tote. I have had good success with that. I did get in trouble once or putting fliers on a mail box. I felt so bad. I don't mind putting up fliers, but I haven't had any success with them. The personal approach seems to work the best for me.
  22. Also, keep in mind that it is a federal offense to put anything in a mailbox that does not have postage on it and was not sent through the USPS. The only reason I say that is because I was considering doing the very same thing and in my research found this out. The result could be that you could be charged postage for every single flyer you put in mailboxes on top of a fine...

    Just FYI
  23. This last 2 weeks of April is the perfect time to canvass the neighborhoods for bookings and contacts!

    Instead of going door to door as a Consultant seeking bookings you go door to door and announce that YOU are collecting orders that will benefit the HWC FUNDRAISER! In my local area there are flyers abounding everywhere about Relay for Life and fundraising efforts they are doing for breast cancer. I have contacted the group and have some fundraising catalog shows going at the moment.

    I am going to approach the neighborhood as a fundraising effort to benefit the HWC. I hope that I can make some viable contacts this way.

    The one most important thing I learned at Spring Meeting was this: If you ask someone they may say yes or no, but if you don't ask that person you are answering for them and the answer will ALWAYS be 'no'.

    Need to remember too that what works in one geographic area may not work in another, just do it and learn by trial and error.
  24. ok i am trying to figure out the best way to advertise...i am a new PC consultant...i have been reading several threads trying to find ways to advertise to get bookings in my little town...i have found some great flyers in the files i have been using is one of the grocery store ones...but are we allowed to use flyers? i am a bit confused from the different things i have read.
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