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Discussion in 'General Business Tips' started by ChefPeg, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. ChefPeg

    ChefPeg Gold Member

    A customer's CC was declined several times. I'm not at home right now where my P3 software is set up where I can search help, but I heard that a CC can only be tried a certain number of times before not being accepted any further (fraud attempts). Anyone know what that number is?
  2. Sheila

    Sheila Gold Member

    It depends on the card holder. Usually 3 is the magic number.
  3. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    If you have already submitted it multiple times, chances are, the digits are wrong- or there just is no money to be had. You'll want to contact the customer directly. Resubmitting it won't change things. Just verify all of the details you have- including zip code, and the name(spelling) on the card. I one time had a card declined, but went through when I added her middle initial, which was ON the card. That may vary by processing company- not sure.

    But you'll probably have to call the customer.
  4. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    Sometimes it might be the bank - my dad's bank wouldn't accept a $30 charge for some reason even though I knew he had money in there. Personally I try once after it's declined to run it again to make sure I didn't type anything wrong in and then I follow up with the customer to check. It could be a bunch of different reasons but let the customer know!
  5. ChefPeg

    ChefPeg Gold Member

    I spoke with the customer a few times. The first time it was declined was most likely because her last name was misspelled and her middle inital was missing. Otherwise, everything was correct.
    After that, she said a payment for something else must have gone through earlier than usual and to check back on Monday, when she knew there would be money available. So I did, declined again. By this point, I had tried running it at least a half-dozen times. Probably why it was continuing to be declined.
    I finally broke down and paid for it myself and left a message on her voicemail. She called back an hour or so later, very apologetic, saying she just checked her balance and that there was definitly funds available. I explained about the probable cause for the multible declines being a limit on times running the card. So, for now, everything's fine. I'll call her when the order arrives and we'll meet to make the exchange.
  6. Sheila

    Sheila Gold Member

    The "fraud" flag only happens when you run it multiple times in a very short period of time (like 24 hours). If there were several days between the attempts, you should be okay.

    Just a word of caution, people who don't have the money now & keep giving excuses, probably won't have the money later either. There's a good chance you'll be trying to track her down multiple times to get a payment, or she'll bounce a check on you. Be sure you ask for cash, just to be on the safe side. Hopefully you won't have any issues this time, but I highly recommend that in the future you don't front your own money. It's too easy to get burned trying to be nice like that. Sorry, but it's true. :(
  7. esavvymom

    esavvymom CS Leader Staff Member

    To avoid getting burned, just in case, you could also call the host and tell her that you will be taking the products for that guest and meeting her to arrange for payment. This way the guest doesn't get the products and then you suddenly can't reach her. I know we dont want to think that people will do that, and hopefully this one doesnt but we have all had it happen.
    I had to ask a host to not deliver a guest's products until we had settled an $80 bounced check.
  8. ChefPeg

    ChefPeg Gold Member

    Thanks all. The customer knows I'll be keeping her order until she pays me cash. If she doesn't, I can always resell it and/or keep any items I might want.
  9. babywings76

    babywings76 Gold Member

    You can also return the items within the 30 days timeframe and get free shipping on that.
  10. ChefPeg

    ChefPeg Gold Member

    Thanks, I did not know that!

    I spoke with the host today and this customer gave her part of the payment in cash (they're co-workers) and will get the balance to her soon.
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