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Cookie Press Cookie Party

Discussion in 'Theme Shows' started by punkie1019, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Oh yikes! I just got a booking for a lady who really wants to do a cookie party! She wants to demo the cookie press since it is the November guest special. I have heard many people do this type of show as theme show party. I am a little intimidated though. I have not ever done this type of show or used the cookie press before!! :confused: I was hoping for your thoughts, inputs or suggestions. PLEASE!! LOL
    Should I have some already made? Then do a demo of just one batch? Would I decorate or them? Hmmmm...:confused:
    I have heard that the cookie press can be finicky at times as well as how the oven temps could be with the dough.
  2. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    You could do it as a cookie swap and have everyone who's coming bring X amount of cookies to swap out and then show them how to use the press. Try it at home first though, it's not as finicky as the last one but if you've never used it before, it can be a little difficult. Do a search in the files for spritz cookies and try one of the recipes. I know there is a simple one that is something like 1 cup flour, 1 cup peanut butter and 1 egg (check first, this is off the top of my head!). That would be a quick and simple one to show without making an entire batch of spritz cookies (which can be 7-10 dozen cookies!).
  3. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    As far as decorating, if you do regular ones you can tint the dough with food coloring or put sprinkles on top.
  4. So I am thinking I can make up some cookies with the cookie press before hand as well as some fancy cookies and desserts using the creative cutters and new biscuit cutters set etc.... I will place the pre made assortment of stuff I make out on the new holiday plates and platters even the 3 tiered stand. I can even put out the items I used to make them such as the cutters next to the display. I am thinking that will look nice.
    Then I will have to do a recipe maybe those spritz cookies and demo the cookie press and decorate. With some practice I think I can manage just one recipe of the dough and bake them off on the cookie sheets and baking sheets so guests can see both.
    I am brainstorming here. Does that sound like it would work/flow nicely?
  5. Hey - Did you see the $2.00 Halloween Cookie Cutters on the Outlet? When's your show?
  6. oh no I didn't ...
    It is November 1st!
  7. Those halloween cookie cutters are cute and only $2! I may have to order those. Thanks!
    Have we had these as a special before or in a previous catalog?
  8. byrd1956

    byrd1956 Gold Member

    cookie candy parties are fun. When I did them I made cookies and brought icing for everyone to decorate. Everyone played w/the cookie press, too. We made the fast and easy fudge and wrapped carmel around pretzel sticks, dipped them in melted chocolate and sprinkles, etc. Guests took a plate of treats home.
  9. oh that is a cute idea!
    Did you find that guests had a hard time with the cookie press?
  10. byrd1956

    byrd1956 Gold Member

    This was with the old cookie press and most guests were able to do it. The person that did it the best was a little kid about 6...they were a whiz. Everyone had a great time...but no one ordered the press and the kid's mom who had other kid's there ....that drove everyone crazy didn't order anything. I always found I had a love/hate relationship w/the cookie press. Certain disks worked great and certain recipes worked better than others. The parties were always fun, but so much prep work; I ended up feeling like I was just doing my job for free sometimes. So, I may not be the best person to give advice with positive business experience...
  11. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    I mentioned the peanut butter cookies earlier. I did those today for our cluster meeting. It was 1 cup sugar (I said flour earlier), 1 cup regular peanut butter and 1 egg. Mix together and bake at 350 for 14-16 minutes. If you want to show off the cookie press, I would do this for the show. I don't know if I would do that many cookies before hand, that's a lot of work for you! I would have the host make cookies herself with you showing off the press like mentioned. I tried all the disks on this recipe and they all worked great!
  12. byrd1956

    byrd1956 Gold Member

    wadesgirl, are you using the new press?
  13. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    Yes, it's the only one I have.
  14. byrd1956

    byrd1956 Gold Member

    thank you, I'll have to try it!
  15. Definatly trying that peanut butter cookie recipe out to. I love that is seems so easy to do. That will great for my show. Thanks for posting that.
  16. simplecooking

    simplecooking Gold Member

    The peanut butter cookie recipie is super easy and an almost no-fail. I used to do it all the time - so simple. Be sure you practice as some of the discs do not work that well. And my other piece of advise is not to overbake the cookies as when they become to dry they tend to crumble.
  17. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Gold Member

    Super, super easy!

    On the new press, all the disks worked fine for me.
  18. Well I will be trying both the peanut butter and spritz cookie recipes out this week-end. I will be sure to let you all know how they come out and which I decide to use. I will probably make some decorated spritz cookies the night before the show to put out on my snowmen plates and then do the peanut butter cookie recipe for the show. Fingers crossed. It is always a little scary to do a new recipe at a show. Thanks again everyone.
  19. I did a cookie swap party last year. I was the host (before I started PC) and I made two types of cookies, and had everyone bring their favorite type too. We all had to bring 3 dozen (1 dozen for the party and the other 2 dozen to be sent home with everyone). Also, we all provided the recipe too. At the show, my consultant made the spritz cookies in the press and we all decorated them how we wanted. She gave prizes for the best looking cookie, best tasting, etc. It was a ton of fun, and everyone went home with tons of cookies, recipes, and prizes.
  20. akrebecca

    akrebecca Rebecca M. Silver Member

    Hmm. I will give the PB recipe a try. Bonus? It is gluten free!

    I must admit I have never been a big fan of rolled cookies or spritz cookies. Too much time. I prefer scoop because they are quick and easy. Make the dough, scoop with the medium scoop and bake. That's it, that's all. The other stuff has to be chilled, rolled & cut out. Or put into a spritzer, spritzed out, baked etc... BUT if I am to sell the cookie spritz, I must learn how to use it. And keep my opinion out when talking with customers.
  21. Well I had my party and all went well. I ended up baking my butt off the night before trying out different disks and recipes. Both the spritz and the pb recipes seemed to work equally well with the disks. The cookie press was really not all to bad to get the hold of either. I brought a tray of the cookies I made the night before to the party and then did the pb cookie recipe for the demo at the show. It worked out well and everyone to like it just fine. I sold about 6-7 of them so not to bad a all. I did find however that the dough for the pb cookies can be wierd. It seems you have to use it up rather quickly or it start to crumble like. Strange. But I just went quick with the dough and had no problems but I would not recommend doubling or tripling the batch and waiting in between baking. Not sure if anyone else has had any experiences like that. ???
    Also one other problem that was a bit imbaressing is that the lids to the cookie press tend to stick. I had had this happen at home while baking before hand and didn't think to much of it but it happend at the show and I could not get that dang lid off. I had just had it off then when I went to do it again it was stuck. I didn't think I had tightend it to much but it would not budge. So be cautious of that as well.
    Thanks for everyones input it was a big help. : )

  22. My co-worker wants to do a cookie party next month. Did you have just one cookie press for guests to try or did you have a few so that multiple batches were made at the same time?
  23. I had a good amount of cookies made up ahead of time that were decorated and set out on the snowmen plates and platter. Then I just did one batch of the pb cookies. It is the perfect amount to fit into the cookie press and goes so quick and smooth. I had just the one cookie press and had a few people come up to try it. Then we tossed some sprinkles on and baked it was so easy. I have a booking tommorrow for someone now who wants to do the same thing.
  24. ChipLines

    ChipLines Gold Member

    Hi Jen - so glad your cookie press party worked well. I've been doing it all month, using the E.S.P. recipe as people walked into the party. The smell is wonderful and they can't get over the recipe with no flour - gluten free! I printed them up to hand out at checkout, which reminds them to order the cookie press at 20% off!
    Of course, Chicken or Chicken Fajitas in DCB is finally the main menu item -- thank you PCHef!!! So happy it is back.:love:

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