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Young Kids Class


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005
I have a host with a three-year-old who'd like to do a mini-kids cooking class for a show. Perhaps with prepaid items waiting for them at the door? Any suggestions for recipes/cooking tips/items to order? I've read the other threads but they seem to focus on older kids or "fun" foods. I think this mom wants real cooking skills taught - not just how to decorate a cookie. Thanks....BEE


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Oh boy, "real" cooking skills with three year olds! Good luck! :eek: I've done lots of Mommy and Me shows and while they are fun and new for lots of veteran PC customers, they are quite chaotic. I really consider it a success if the kids have fun. I've posted several items on Kids Shows, so maybe do a search with "Mommy and Me" or "cooking with kids" and see what you come up with. I've done recipes out of the "Let's Eat" cookbook, specifically the Tic Tac Toe Pizzas and the S'Mores Brownie Bites. I've also pre-baked mini fluted cakes in the mini fluted pan and had them decorate them. I focus on "rules" for the kitchen that are age-appropriate for the group...I think there's a file for that somewhere on here. I also include a flyer in the catalogs/folders I hand out to the moms that list ALL the products that are great for kids because moms will have little time to really browse through the catalog. And definitely make sure that your host plans to have the moms present. I had someone who wanted me to do a show, but have the moms leave and come back and pick up their kids when the show was over. No thanks...I'm not a party clown! Anyway, they are fun shows and something different to add a little variety. My most successful ones have been where the hosts have also had a "moms only" portion where I do a "real" recipe for them while a babysitter or dads occupy the kids in a separate part of the house. Good luck!! :)