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You will not believe this.....


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2005
I had a show this afternoon, and I was not really looking forward to it, she was only expecting 6 guests, and when I got there I found out the 6 included 2 children, and the hostess. Anyway, of the 3 orders I took, 1 of the orders was for $658.00 !!!!!!! Included a 6 piece AND 4 piece professional cookware, a grill pan and 2 food choppers, among other things, and another guest is signing on as a recruit Wednesday, which makes 2 for me. It was an unbelievable show. I learned an important lesson today, NEVER prejudge a show, you never know what will happen. We will be closing the show on Wednesday, right now it is at $774.00, it could end up as a $1000 show !!!!


Aug 20, 2005
that's amazing!

Good for you! That is so amazing! I guess some people ARE spending their tax money on Pampered Chef! :D I hope your show reaches that magic $1000 mark!


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Oct 22, 2005
5 guests

I had a host call before I made the 45 minute drive to a show. She said that no one had RSVPd but her mom would come. She told me I didn't have to come but I decided to anyway (hey, my husband was on kid-duty so why not?). I got there and there were five people - the host, her husband, her mother, her father and her 2-month-old daughter. She felt so bad, she got $1000 in outside orders AFTER the show, her mom ordered the cookware (at halfprice) and maybe she'll consider becoming a consultant in the future. It shows you how important the host is in the success of any show...BEE


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Feb 17, 2006
Absolutely never prejudge a show! It's a great lesson to learn and it's always why I say that I never mind a small show. Case in point, just had a cooking show where 3 people called to cancel while the host and I were prepping, 3 people showed up but the host ordered $667 above and beyond her free and half price stuff, plus she ordered the 12 piece set of cookware. This though was only my 3rd highest individual order. Another host has had 2 catalog shows for me (two months in a row), her host order for the first show was over $1200 and her second host order was over $1000. So, some of my best shows are ones with only 3-5 orders!