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Yeah I qualified!


Aug 20, 2005
I'm so excited! I'm in my SS1 and I've already qualified! I cant wait to get the roasting pan so that I can show it off at the earlier shows in October that I have booked. I also got my charm bracelet today...it's really pretty. I just wish that I had joined PC earlier so that I could have filled it up.
I'm really glad that I decided to join PC, the rewards so far are totally cool! :D


Jul 12, 2005

That is wonderful that you qualified. I am also in my SS1. I qualified as well, I have gotten my roasting pan already and everyone I have showed it to has loved it. I have 2 october hosts who can't wait for their shows.

Sep 20, 2005
I just qualified today!!! I'm so excited! I already have my roasting pan from the sample order, but I could always use the other as a really really really big raffle prize or something. I could really use more bookings right now though, I haven't done a single kitchen show! I have done 4 catalog shows, but i'm still in ss1 and have 3 more catalog shows this month....I want to have a kitchen show! I have a booth at a bridal expo this weekend plus my cluster has a booth at the port orange family days fair October 1st and 2nd. I'm hoping these will help. If you have any ideas on how to help these fairs or how to help with bookings, it would be really great. Thank you!!!!


Jul 5, 2005
Thats awsome.. HURRAY!!!! I missed my chance.. Had a 'no-show' party as my fourth :( but hey!! I'm looking forward to getting my pc of luggage here shortly..LOL.. closing my fourth on monday and have two shows this weekend.. SO ill get something.. :D