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Pampered Chef: Sales Write in Order forms "Wish List"

  1. PamperedEsther

    PamperedEsther Member

    Hello, just wanted to let you know how I use the "wish list" at the end of the write in order forms. I take a glance at the order form, them compare it to the "wish list" that I've asked them to fill out. I make sure I know what they want even if they aren't buying it today. During our conversation, we usually add 5 or 6 items that the guest has forgotten. If they haven't used it, I'll ask if there is anything that they were thinking they wanted, but need some time to think about (or finance). This naturally leads to booking and recruiting conversations, and I learn a lot about each customer. It is also great to let them know that I will keep it on file and they can (and do) refer their sisters, hubby or friends to me for their birthdays, mothers day and especially at Christmas so that they can get exactly what they want. It is my only one on one time, I so I am busy making lots of notes (usually in my head until I am done with the order)

    When I get home, I enter the orders & the wish list items (quanity 0) so that I can keep track of people that are interested in specific products.

    I've found that tally time is much more productive - 2-3 cooking show bookings, more recruiting leads and a few catalogue shows for each cooking show, way up from before I used the wish list.

    Just thought I'd share how it is working for me.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I really need to start using the wish list more.
    Feb 9, 2006
  3. RachelNguyen

    RachelNguyen Guest


    These are excellent tips! So you are saying that you keep the wish list? I would never have thought of that!

    I think I would want to get it back to them afterwards to keep them reminded of what they want for the future, too.

    Feb 9, 2006
  4. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    Wish List

    Hi Esther,

    How do you control the 'guests' at check out time? I have tried many times to put a system in place where I will call them up one by one when I am ready, but I just don't find that it works. I usually end up having people standing right in front of me waiting until I am finished with the person I am with. I then feel rushed, and too shy to ask questions and speak with the person that I am helping at that time.

    I need tips - please help...... :confused:
    Feb 9, 2006
  5. cat

    cat Veteran Member Gold Member

    Add on to wish list tip

    I tried to give a PC catalog to my mom's financial advisor and he told me he already had a consultant, but he also mentioned a great tip.

    He said a month before Christmas, his wife's PC consultant CALLED HIM to tell him what his wife had on her wish list so that he could EASILY get her a Christmas gift that she would love! Apparently, she had filled out the wish list 6 months before at a kitchen show and then totally forgot about it. So she was pleasantly surprised, especially since her husband bought EVERYTHING on the wish list!!
    Feb 9, 2006
  6. gojuliego

    gojuliego Novice Member

    Customers lining up at tally time

    I have guests put their finished orders at a designated spot and when I finish one, I grab the next person and they are next. The current customer normally will ask for the next person for me. And the guests get to chit chat longer and sometimes extra sales are added that way too!
    Feb 10, 2006
  7. onepamperedmom68

    onepamperedmom68 Member

    Speaking of wish lists...I just called everyine who had purchasethe SA Wrought iron collections or oven mitts (whatever is being discontinued) and sold more product and got two bookings. It pays to keep those wish lists.
    Also, someone suggested that it would be a good idea to do a men
    only party before Val. day, mothers day, xmas so they can buy for their wives. I don't know...do you send a catalog or something to the wife beforehand if you don't have a wish list. Thought the men only party was a good idea but have never tried it!
  8. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S Member

    Crowd Control?!?!?

    hmmm, well, that's what I ask guests to do as well. But I always have those who 'have to get going' etc. and once they rush up everyone else does as well. Am I the only person this happens to???
    Feb 10, 2006
  9. PamperedEsther

    PamperedEsther Member

    To control the crowds...

    I always ask the people hovering to get me a glass of water, check to see if the host needs help with clean up, fill out their wish list while they wait, get a sample of the food before it is all gone. At the end of the show, I let everyone know where I'll be waiting & if they are in a hurry to come up right away, if you are out for a night out, have some food & drink, and come over when you see the chair is empty.

    As for the wish lists, I ALWAYs get them filled out & update them everytime a catalogue comes out. I don't keep the paper copy, I jsut enter it into Pampered Partner as quantity 0, then I can pull up wish list reports... It is a great excuse for a phone phobic consultant like me to call & just chat & build rapport with my customers. They don't feel pressured to buy, just do a little imaginary shopping spree. I will get hubby's phone # at work so I can call him in November and April (For mother's day or if they mentioned their anniversary, I'll call then). If they are close to me, I will even gift wrap it & deliver it to the office so that it is still a surprise.

    My conversation usually starts like this;
    Hello, this is Esther Dietrich from the Pampered Chef calling. I have been working with your wife XXXXXX on her Christmas wish list do you have a minute?

    I go on to suggest some items that she has her eye on. When I first started I was so nervous, but I ask the wives to let their significant other know that I will be contacting them, so they are prepared. Usually they buy almost all of the wish list so don't be shy in telling them what their wives want becuase they are so relieved to have their shopping done with that they spend A LOT of money. They tell me their credit card # and I wrap & deliver to the office in time. I have offices that use me & 6 or 7 guys get all their shopping done in a day, VERY happy customers!

    Esther :)
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