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Wrap Shows


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef Wrap Shows

I have been doing tons of wrap shows. I do quite a bit of prep work ahead
of time, saving some chopping, slicing, etc. for the demo. I lay all the
ingredients on the SA pieces (loved using the bowl and caddy for the
spreads--sold a lot when they were on sale). Tell the guests how to make
their own and let them go at it. When my hosts ask if I plan to make the
wraps I tell them, no, because I would hear this: "I don't like onions" or
"I don't like peppers" So, if they make their own they put what they want
on them. Case in point, last Friday my host made them up ahead of time and
those comments were exactly what we heard. She had a platter full of wraps left over. Doing the wraps themselves we rarely have leftovers.

Gail C.


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Apr 14, 2004
I have made cards up with each step of the recipe on them and I call them my
PC Chance cards (think Monopoly) I have everyone go around the room and come
pick a card and do what is told on the card. Most of the time they are the
recipe steps but sometimes they may say something like: "Ask Katherine what's on
sale this month" or "What is the mystery tool for the evening" or "Ask your
host why she/he decided to have a show." Before using the chopper my card will
say "ask the guests who has the fantastic food chopper and have them name 3
things they use it for."
You get the idea - just make up questions to fit what you want to talk
I use the Chillzanne rect. server to hold all the ingredients and I put one
wrap together, cut it into slices and send them around on the SA rectangle
platter. I may have to make another so everyone gets a taste but it goes together
quickly. I then let people make their own after I am done. It seems to go well
and everyone enjoys getting involved.
Feb 20, 2006
can you email the recipe to the wrap your talking about. I am a new consultant and would really appreciate any help.

Shannon Harris