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Wow, my recent show was frustrating ...


Feb 3, 2006
Ok, so I have only done a total of five shows. Three catalog and two cooking shows. My most recent show was yesterday at a coworker's house. It started out OK before the guests got there ... I did my prep and felt confident. People were trickling in REAL slow. So I started with four people as guests. Then five more wandered in within 15 minutes of starting. I had to repeat myself a couple of times. But the worst part was I felt like I was talking to myself, because everyone was talking and I didn't think anyone was actually listening or cared about what I was saying. I had all these clever quips I had planned in my head and they just didn't go off.

For my recipes I prepared a dip with the dill seasoning beforehand and served it on Simple Additions with crinkled-cut vegetables. I made a broccoli ham ring and cooked a chocolate lava cake in the rice cooker.

Sales were OK, the most so far for a show I have done (I had not had anything break the $200 mark at that point.) It seems like people were listening because I did sell two rice cookers, a cheese grater and the host ended up buying the very 12-inch executive skillet I had brought. (It was my qualifying bonus.) I also got two bookings for May. In the end I had about $370 in commissionable sales.

Is this OK? I just felt so frustrated that the flow of the show didn't go as I would like.


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Feb 25, 2006
It all depends

on how you like to do your shows and how you look at it.

You did get bookings which are good b/c it means more commission for you and more possible bookings.. So thats good!

and if you prefer people to be quiet or not. I actually had the same thing happen to me. I liked it! I felt their attention wasnt on me fully.. I did have to repeat myself a bunch of times but they were having fun. I dont like when people are quiet and staring at me. My other show on Saturday was the same way.. I even had them interrupt so I could add someone up. Came back into the room and almost everyone was on a cigarette break. I waited a few minutes til they trickled in and then I just continued. I got 2 bookings, a 600 show and a possible recruit!

Both times they did complement me on taking control.. i didnt let their talking interrupt my selling. I just would say something like Ohh You have to see this! and the host would jump in and say SHHH Tinas showing us something. And afterwards they all apologized for being chatty.

I do hope that you dont go thru it again if you didnt like it. I think we all have some ideas in our head as to how the show is going to go and when it doesnt we get frustrated. I'm only in my 2nd SS so I'm still learning!

Good luck! :)


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Sep 7, 2005
I had the same thing happen to me at my 2nd show!

There were 12 ladies there. They were loud, and drinking and no one knew anything about TPC! I was interrupted like 3 times through out my presentation. I was annoyed by the end of the show! It ended up closing at $400ish I think (not the worst I have had in sales) . I got zero bookings from it so overall it was just a lame night for me! But I brushed it off and moved on. You will get great shows and you get not so great ones and alot in between. But you keep at it and move forward!

Don't let this one get you down!


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Apr 12, 2005
I have rowdy crowds alot. I started bringing Quick tip cards, every guest gets one and you go around the room during the show and have them read them. Or play bingo a game where they have to pay attention if they want to win!! Some of my best shows have been the rowdy crowds. but after the first one, I cried on the way home because no one listened to me through my entire presentation. another idea I was given is bringing the product use care cards for all the products you are demoing, then have the guests read the cards as you show the product.

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Sep 30, 2005
My shows are always like that. They are loud and there is a group that is just there to socialize and put in a courtesy order. I just direct my shows to the group that is listening and let the others do their thing. They usually end up in a different room too. For me - it isn't a problem to not have everyone's attention - I just keep going.


Mar 16, 2006
I used to toss miniature hershey candies into my audience to get their attention. My incentive for them to recieve their chocolate was if they ooohed and awed about a product I was showing. Seemed to work pretty well.


Mar 27, 2005
I try to include the guests as much as possible. That seems to help keep their attention. When I start talking about a product I try to let the guests sell it, and if they forget any important points I add them in. This seems to sell the products really well because if their friend likes it, it must be good!! And I think they remember more about the products when they don't hear EVERYTHING from me! I also don't dwell too much on the techniqual terms, I focus on how many different things can I use this for, and the selling points like for the scrapers, they won't melt, stain, etc, etc.


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Jul 23, 2005
I try to not make things difficult. I talk about the products and let the others talk about them and when I can I get guests or the host to use the product. most of the time when a guest gets up to use the product the whole place goes silent. sometimes they dont believe just anybody can use the stuff!! keep them active but keep it simple and light


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Jan 11, 2006
I keep my guests involved buy asking LOTS of questions. For example, when you're using the food chopper, ask 'does anyone know what makes our food chopper special'. Hand out candy or raffle tickets for a door prize to guests who can answer your questions. If you're going to use raffle tickets, assign a 'ticket master' at the beginning of the show. Ask that person to give a ticket to whoever you say to durring the show, so you can cook and not mess around with the tickets. Here are some more questions I like to use:
What's your favorite PC product (I ask everyone durring introductions)
Can anyone name 5 things you can slice with our Egg Slicer?
What's your favorite drink to make with your Quick-Stir Pitcher?
What do you use your woven trays for?
What makes our stones special?
Did you know there are more than 80 products in our catalog for under $10? Can anyone name 5 of them?
What can you cook on your round stone?
Why is our double balloon whisk great?
What's your favorite cookbook?


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Jan 13, 2006
I, like Barbara, throw candy at some shows (depends on the crowd)....it's always kind of funny and makes people laugh because I do not have very good aim! Keeps them paying attention, you know!


Mar 6, 2006
I had a super rowdy crowd at my last show. I played a game with them where the first person to say Pampered Chef after I did received pc dollars. (fake hundred dollars bills that I printed on the computer) This kept their attention but still allowed them to yell! At the end of the show, I raffled off mystery envelopes and they paid with the pc dollars. The number of envelopes would depend on the number of guest. I put things like free shipping, free cooking show or a free small gift in the envelopes.


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Apr 12, 2006
Good game to try to keep guest's attention

Hi Ladies--

This is my first post, but I have gotten so much good info from this site! Thanks! :)
I play a game called "Have It Love It, Love It Want It!" It works like this: When I talk about or show a product if the guest has it they yell "Have it, Love it!", if I mention something they don't have but that they want, they yell "Love it Want it!". I give a piece of candy to the first person to say each line, then at the end, whoever has the most candy(or wrappers)left wins. ( I usually give out two prizes.)Then I let them pick a prize from the door prize basket. This works really well to hold peoples attention. I have one group who can't wait for this game to start, then when it does they are literally fighting over who said it first! But it is really fun. I put hershey kisses in the simple additions small bowls and put them in the small bowl caddy. I put the host in charge of handing out the candy, so that I can do my show without being interupted 20 times to hand out candy.
Hope this helps!


Mar 3, 2006
I had a show like this about a month ago. No matter how many times I talked the ladies just kept right on like I was not there. I am not an outgoing person so I finally just shut up! I made the food and put it out on the table all while being ignored. My SIL was the host so I did not want to be rude or anything. After all was said and done, it was a $700 show, my second highst!! Plus I got a few compliments on how great it was to be at a PC party and not have to listen to the speal since they had all already been to lots of PC parties!!
Sometimes things are just not quite what they seem! I guess I would say go with the flow of your party!