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Would anyone come to a Brunch?


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May 22, 2006
What kind of success have people had with brunches? I'd like to host my own show at the end of June and was thinking a Saturday brunch would work well so everyone can still enjoy their Saturday afternoon with family. How early or late would you suggest to start? Maybe 9-12? Recipe Ideas would be great too! I'm brand new so I don't have ALL the products yet but I have a great stoneware collection. Thanks for your input


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Jun 29, 2005
I have had one Brunch show. We made the mini quiches and the host made cappaccinos and coffee. She didn't have it until 2 0'clock on a Sunday, but she had a decent turn out. I also had a Saturday show that started at 11 am (not brunch food). She had about 8 people show up which really surprised me, because she ususally doesn't have good turn outs at her other types of parties.


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Apr 13, 2004
Some of my best shows are brunches

I have had quite a few Saturday Morning - 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. starts - that have been really great. Average about 12 people, show average about $650.
They love the idea of being able to get togetehr early and still have the rest of the day. I usually make sure we are done by 12:30.
I haev used several of the PC brunch recipes, the Ham & Cheese Omlette Roll from the Main Dishes cookbook, the Brunch Ring - not sure where that is anymore so it has been a while.
Plus it is usually cooler in the a.m. so getting people into someone's home is much easier.

Give a go and good luck!


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Mar 6, 2006
One of my favorite shows was at 9AM on a Tues. A friend of mine wanted to have a show, but couldnt have it at her house, so we had it at mine. I live on a small island so only 1 public grammer school. So everyone walked their kids to school, said good-bye & by 9:15 they were having coffee (mimosas for the childless women;) ) Bacon & Cheddar Bubble Bread & A slice of a Garden Fresh Oven Omelet!!:cool: :cool: :cool: Sales were around 1200.00 & by 12 noon, they were all getting their children!:D



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Sep 7, 2005
I've had quite a few brunches and they have done well! You have so much recipe options to choose from and it's the perfect time of day where you can be done by midafternoon and spend time with family the rest of the day-night! I like them! Wish all of them were brunch hours!


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Feb 17, 2006
I have had great success with brunches, people seem to love hosting them as well as coming to them. The last brunch I did, the host sent out 35 invites and we had 28 show!! That is a good amount of guests vs. invites sent, a good amount of the guests told me that they wouldn't have come had the show been in the afternoon or evening. I would highly suggest starting up with brunches!


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Jul 29, 2005
I am going to have to start pushing brunch shows, especially since the majority of my shows are on the weekend because I work full time during the week.

Paige Dixon

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Aug 11, 2004
If you talk about Sunday brunch with Mimosas at your shows, you will pique their interest alot. Sunday brunch at a club or restaurant is very expensive and highly prestigious! The mimosas usually seal the deal.

I love Doris' favorite breakfast Monte Cristo Casserole (very old Season's Best, I'm not even sure which one) it's a great one to show how to use up leftover turkey and ham from holiday meals.


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Jan 1, 2006
Most of my shows are brunches! Attendance is usually double compared to the evening shows I do (average 12-15 vs 6-7). I like to make the chicken club wreath from the All the Best cookbook. It's easy and very delicious!


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Feb 3, 2006

Thanks for the thread- Just gave me a wonderful idea for my fall open house!
I am having several vendors and now I know just how to go about having it!
I am going to start of with the beauty products, have several candles lit, move into the food and top it off with jewelry-I think if I start at 9:00- I can wrap everything up by 12:00. Oooh I am so excited!


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Feb 15, 2006
Brunches are definately fun. If you like to make something sweet also, the cherry cheese coffee cake is awesome; it's in the All the Best cookbook. I made that, plus the ham & cheddar croissant bake from an old SB, for the last brunch I did in May. It started at 9:30.


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Apr 11, 2005
I have had very successful brunches both on the weekends for people who work and on weekdays for stay-at-home-moms (all the kids are in school). I usually invite for 10:30, start the demo at 11 and am all wrapped up and heading out by 1...especially the weekday brinches cuz everyone needs to get out to p/u their kids at school.


Mar 13, 2006
I've had several brunch shows on Saturday morning (10 am). Sometimes I cook one of the rings because they are so popular and we usually don't eat until 11:30 - 12:00. Since I work FT at another job and most people who attend do, too, this seems to be a great time. Strangely, one of my best shows has been on Monday night at 7 pm. Go figure! Brunches are great, but it all depends on the hosts efforts.



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Oct 5, 2004
I just started doing quite a few brunch shows this season and it has been great! I try to talk them up as much as possible at other shows, since, as someone already pointed out, you are out of the house when the kiddies and DH are out (in most cases) and you're back in time for school bus and dinner. When I'm looking to add shows to my schedule, I love to do 2 shows on the same day and brunch shows allow me to do that.:D