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Woah, I just had my first cooking show ...


Feb 3, 2006
At my sister's house. I was terribly nervous during the whole thing, but tried to feel more confident when talking about the products. A good thing, I was organized with my recipe and knew some good things about main products I talked about, such as stoneware, the food chopper and garlic press.

A couple of things that were a miss: only 7 people showed up. My sister was disappointed because she got 15 RSVPs that were coming. Out of those 7 that came, I got 5 orders. Two people ordered food choppers. I also sold a garlic press and several other items. Guest sales though were just shy of $100. :( However my sister said she is persuing outside orders because at least 6 other people said they would order something if they weren't coming.

I got no definite bookings, but three "maybes." Two of those "maybes" are moving out of the state at the end of the month. :p But one seems promising.

I was cooking a microwave cake in a low-wattage microwave and it just took forever. I also felt like I messed up a bit talking about the new cookware and the host program.

At the end I went home and felt a little depressed because I thought I totally messed up and didn't get a lot in orders. Is this typical? Am I just being paranoid? :confused:


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May 6, 2005
Some shows are good and others not so good. It happens to people in the business for years! It's not you!!! Don't worry about forgetting and missing stuff...I do it all the time. Definitely have your host pursue outside orders!! Those can really help! I had a host who had about $200 the night of her show, but got about $400 in outside orders before and after!!! Those will definitely get the show total up. Also, those "maybes" are yesses in disguise! I've rarely had someone check "YES" about wanting to do a show on their drawing slip, so definitely follow up with them. Are they moving close enough where you can do a show once they move? That's a great reason to have a show!! If they'll be too far away, encourage them to do a catalog show and maybe pair it with a housewarming show or something. Just be sure to follow up with them today or tomorrow and thank them for coming, let them know they'll love their products (if they ordered any) and get a date on the calendar. Let them know all the wonderful host benefits...it bears repeating even if you went over it during the show.

Don't worry....not all shows are like this!!! Keep plugging away. Good luck! :D


Feb 16, 2006
My First PC Weekend

I too had my first show/PC weekend. See on Friday night I had a show/open house at my home and it was only 2 neighbors who really were supportive and now I have a few outside orders thanks to them.

Saturday was my first cooking show and boy was I nervous. My husband went along to take notes for me on my presentation. Did I forget stuff but all in all I felt proud of myself. This is a big step and I know I will imporve with every show. I got a booking and 2 maybes, so all in all not bad for a newbie.

Plus, I went to a Bridal show with my recuriter as vendors and there were lots of potential hosts for both the bridal registry and regular cooking shows. So, for my first weekend as a PC consultant I am very proud and excited to have started.

Keep your chin up, it will get better and learn from everything the good and the bad. That's how we grow. ;)


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Oct 22, 2005

It sounds better than my first show and I'm still with it five months later so don't worry. Remind your sister to ask those placing outside orders if they will book a show and to get their phone number and e-mail so you can follow up with them. good luck.

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
Don't worry, you will feel more confident with each show and eventually you'll have certain lines about the products down so much you will say them in your sleep. I still leave shows kicking myself because I forgot to mention or talk about something I was going to. Eventually you'll find games and ways of doing the show that works well for you and you'll be an old pro at it.


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Feb 19, 2006
First shows

Keep your chin up!! Everyone has awesome shows and not so awesome shows!
FYI...at my first show.....
Someone had an allergic reaction to artichoke....it was in a dip someone else had brought! The police showed up because my host found a 2 year old little girl wandering around and the child could not tell us where she lived (apprently this child was an escarpe artist!! :p !).

Have a Pampered Day!
~Erin Smith
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Feb 6, 2006
I've had 4 shows and almost all of them barely qualified as a show, but I looked at it as training experience. I've learned a bit about orders, transmitting them, receiving, answering questions, demo-ing products etc.

I figure after I've learned the ropes a bit and have spread out beyond my comfort zone (y'know family and friends) then I'll be ready and be doing better, but until then it's all a learning experience for me.

I don't know how long I'll be in training but I'm hoping that in the next month or two I'll get some good booking commitments and sales....here's to hope and positive thinking...!
Aug 18, 2005
My First Show...

At my first show only one person showed up (besides my host) I knew them both well and it was very hard to "demonstrate" instead of just talk to them, but I demonstrated anyway. In the end, I definately forgot things, but the cards in the recipe for success were a big help for my first couple of shows. Then, once I knew my products, I went by a show outline so I wouldn't forget to mention things like guest specials, etc. My first show ended up being a $500 show...thanks to my hosts effort and outside orders. Now, I have been a consultant for a year and I LOVE IT!!! Hang in there, it is a learning process...you'll do fine. :eek:
Stephany Edelen, Corydon, IN


Mar 27, 2005
Most of my first shows barely qualified. But I kept with it and learned from each one. AFter a while I was more comfortable and it showed with my sales. Now my show average is $700 and I don't even use a notecard anymore. And I really don't prepare anything ahead of time except my show folders. And I don't think I ever have a show where I DON'T forget something!! But I'm usually the only one who knows that I forget it! :cool:


Potential Hosts moving...

If your two potential hosts are moving within the area, suggest they have Pampered Housewarming parties! You could run it like a bridal shower, where they choose a wishlist full of items which guests can buy for them... and of course, guests put in their own orders too!

Just a thought!


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Jul 23, 2005
my first show was terrible. my friend was expecting 12 people only 2 showed. she had 3 outside orders before her show. one of the ladies at the show was a PC expert or so she thought and she made me really nervous!! she knew wehn i used a product wrong stuff like that. the good thing about first shows is you wont have to do another first show. i always forget to talk about something, but i dont worry about it. if its something important and the guests want to know they usually ask questions...keep your chin up it does get easier!!
Mar 21, 2006
No guests....

don't feel bad, I am doing this for 4 years and i just recently had a show where NO ONE showed up. I had to do an entire presentation for just the host and then to top it all off, she NEVER submitted any orders!!!! NOT EVEN HER OWN!!

So hang in there, it gets better and it is a lot of fun!!