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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Wish list help - PLEASE

  1. PamperedCaniac

    PamperedCaniac Member

    Ok, I have been very quiet lately so please forgive me but I do need some help very badly. I am so lost right now and for some reason it is not sitting in my brain what I am doing wrong now! How do people buy off the wish list for a wedding shower if they can not attend the show? Do they just have to call me directly to place an order? Do you guys add everything as a wedding registry for them to look at and make people then call to order it? I am so sorry! Please help me! ha ha ha My director is away on vacation and my host is asking me now :blushing: It is my fault because generally I do it as a bridal registry for people to review and then call me but I never use the pampered chef invites but I am doing this show for someone else that could not and they gave the PC invites. Sorry again. LOL
  2. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    You can put a news (or calendar) item on your PWS with the bride's wish list. Include instructions to them to let you know when they're purchasing something for the bride, by either calling or emailing you. If there is a place for a note on the online order (I don't remember if there is), they could add a note there, too.
    May 25, 2009
  3. PamperedCaniac

    PamperedCaniac Member

    Thank you for responding. I finally decided on a solution after reading this and playing with a few ideas in my head (dangerous for me to think).

    Thank you SO much!
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