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Wine and cheese, sips n dips shows


Jul 23, 2005
Hi! I am trying to put together some theme show ideas and really like the idea of wine and cheese or sips and dips parties. However, I have NO IDEA what recipes to make. Furthermore, I don't really drink wine - never got into it - and I figure if I'm going to be recommending the host pick up some wines, I ought to have some ideas in mind. If any of you have done one or both of these kind of shows, can you give me some recipe ideas and some tips on what to drink?

Thank you, thank you!
May 23, 2005
You should look on the internet for some information....there should be a list somewhere that says what type of wine goes specifically with types of cheese...if you have a Liquor Barn, they would be able to help you.

As far as Sip N Dips....you could do margaritas with salsa, guacamole, Touchdown Taco dip... and again wine or Sangria would be good with any of the new Italian dips in this Season's best.

Hope this helps some!