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Pampered Chef: Bookings Will this work?

  1. Tash

    Tash Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I thought of an idea today and since I am still new I would like to know if you all think it will work.

    I am thinking about doing a draw for a "thanksgiving show" . So to start off I will ask at my upcoming shows if anyone is interested in booking a show and if they would like to be entered into the draw for me to cook thanksgiving dinner for them?

    I will go to the hosts house and make thanksgiving dinner, to show off the new roasting pan. I am thinking of having it earlier in the day, I will do my demo, take orders and leave so that the host and her family and friends can enjoy the dinner.

    Do you think this idea could work?

    Jul 26, 2005
  2. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    Well, it can't hurt to try although I don't think I would personally want to cook Thanksgiving dinner for someone else and my family as well. If I really wanted people to see how well the roasting pan worked I would maybe try to have my own show a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and have a "thanksgiving dinner". I would invite as many people as I could and have a turkey already prepared in the roasting pan so people can see how awesome it is. Of course you can use the new meat lifters, carving board, and turkey recipe cards that are coming out in September. This way everyone can order all these things before Thanksgiving comes. If you wait til the day of or after people might not want them as much since Thanksgiving is over. Better yet have the show in october and really promote the host special (roasting pan) and get lots of shows that way.

    Someone, I think Ginger, had some neat ideas about doing a show a day or couple of days after Thanksgiving and show alot of recipes to make using leftover turkey. That would be alot of fun too.

    Those are just my thoughts. If you do this drawing let us know how it turns out and if you had any takers for it.
    Jul 26, 2005
  3. Tash

    Tash Member

    Thank Janel.

    You've given me some food for thought. I am originally from South Africa and we don't do the whole thanksgiving thing, so I wouldn't have to cook two dinners....(Sheesh... would that be a LOT of work)

    I think I am going to pass the idea around and see if it flys.

    I'll let you know if it works, and since I'm in Canada, you'll still have time to try it if it works.

    Thanks for your ideas.
    Jul 27, 2005
  4. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    That is very generous of you to offer to make Thanksgiving dinner. I was thinking it through and don't know about most other homes, but I have to get up VERY EARLY in the morning to get the Turkey started. My family doesn't come over until later in the afternoon, usually after everything is finished cooking.

    My other thought is that the SPECIAL for the roasting pan is OCTOBER. Hosts can get the roasting pan at 60% off for only $58. This is the ideal time to have your PRE-THANKSGIVING shows. Instead of doing an entire turkey, you might make a chicken or have the host start the turkey early in the morning. (Haven't thought that through yet)

    So...you could ask hosts to do a catalog show on Thanksgiving so they can collect orders as their family sees their awesome roasting pan they got for 60% off in October. Then they can get the Simple Addition special at 60% off.
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