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Why is it so scary to pick up the phone? It really doesn't need to be!


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Sep 8, 2008
So, I am one of those, like most of us, who hates the phone! I get so scared by what the person on the other end will say...I've had a few rotten-human-beings on the other end, and it isn't a pleasant feeling- as you all know.

But today, I just made two customer calls....Not really customer CARE calls per se...one was to get payment info from an online order, and the other was to ask the lady if she'd like to save an additional $10 by having the order ship to me (I am doing my own Anniversary Sale Catalog Show).

Both were very pleasant and nice, and it just makes me wonder- what are we so afraid of? I'm going to bookmark this thread for MYSELF- because in a week, i"ll have to remind myself of this. ;)

Moral of this thread? Don't let one bad apple spoil the entire bushel!


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Mar 5, 2009
GOOD POINTS Bobbi! Phone fear is something that I am currently in the process of overcoming as well!

Recently read Carpe Phonum by Tammy Stanley- GREAT BOOK!

Also doing Step Up Your Business and listened to the recorded training Phone Courage on Consultant's Corner. It was GREAT!

Being consistent in phone calls is the key for me- don't let it slide! That's when the gremlins start talking and making you afraid again!


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Jul 29, 2009
I'm getting MUCH better on the phone myself. Of course, it's always easiest to call the people who say it's okay to call.

I guess the thing to remember is that not everyone will be annoyed by our calls. We just have to remember to tell ourselves that the ones who get annoyed are the ones missing out on something special.

I have found it's always best to say "Is this a bad time to call?" instead of "How are you?" Most times, they will say no EVEN if it is a bad time. Sometimes, they will be honest, and you just ask them when they'll be available to talk to you.